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The best bamboo toddler blankets

Having small children is one of the most beautiful and tiring time for any parents’ lifetime. Preparing for nap time can be a trying time for moms and dads; some days, when toddlers refuse to sleep, they throw off their whole schedule for the day. To make the process easier, parents will typically grab their child’s favorite blanket and stuffed animal to make nap time more comfortable, hopefully.

Many people start to think of baby and toddler blanket ideas when they are almost a year old. Everyone, of course, looks for a soft toddler blanket. Who would blame them? Young children still have sensitive skin at that age. However, what many do not think about at first is a blanket that can be multiple functional. What we mean by this is that being able to find a blanket that is a warm toddler blanket but also is a great toddler winter blanket at the same time.

Therefore, this leads to the question of which is the best blanket for toddler to sleep with? What is the better blanket for a baby to sleep with? What materials or fabrics are the wisest to use? What is a perfect first blanket for toddler? Here is where we answer those questions.

Toddler Blanket

toddler blanket can be made from various fabrics and in a wide range of sizes. While there is no actual toddler blanket size that every company will fallow, it is always an excellent idea for one to understand a size guide when deciding on what toddler blanket to buy. The average toddler blanket dimensions are 40 inches by 60 inches, with some of the “oversize” blankets being 44 inches by 60 inches. There are two reasons why the average size of a toddler blanket is 40 inches by 60 inches. The first one is that they are meant to be the first blanket for a toddler. It is that transition blanket from a baby blanket and preparing them for a twin-size bed that they will have in the future. The second reason is that it is meant to be easily portable and something for a young child to suck on.

The material used to make these blankets are also essential. Many believe that cotton fabrics provide the softest toddler blanket every time or that a woven blanket provides the strongest bond. Unfortunately for them, neither of these myths are true. The perfect material for a toddler blanket is, in fact, bamboo. It may seem inconceivable for bamboo to provide both a warm and coolness as an all-in-one toddler blanket, but it is true. Bamboo works as a moisture absorption or “wick” material that works with the human body to evaporate sweat. It works better than cotton in this way. Like cotton, bamboo is also lightweight, but it does keep the human body warm when it is not sweating because there is nothing to wick away, which means that the bamboo will lock the body heat in like traditional heavy blankets do. Therefore, this material is the best summer blanket for toddler and is also the best material to be the best winter blanket for toddler.

Although, before one can buy a toddler blanket and think about toddler blankets idea, one must first get through the baby phase. Here is where we get into other fun shopping areas.

Baby Blankets

Baby blankets usually are one of the many products that pop into a person’s mind when thinking about baby shower ideas for a soon-to-be mother. Many will go to their local shopping center and look for woven baby blanket believing that because of the name on the label and the price tag on it makes those blankets simultaneously high quality baby blankets. This is the farthest from the truth! A hefty price tag does not always make for good quality luxury baby blankets. One must understand the material used in making those blankets and what fabrics proved a better-quality product.

Just like with toddler blankets, cotton and woven fabrics are popular with baby blankets. It is not uncommon for a family member to hand-make a woven baby blanket, for it is one of many unique baby shower ideas that crafty people love to do. Many soon to be grandmothers will make a quilt or make a cute, decorative woven baby blanket as one option of the many baby girl blanket ideas they could come up with.

Although these handmade gifts precious keepsakes, these woven baby blankets do not help keep a baby cold or warm as it should. As explained above, bamboo is a material that helps regulate the body’s temperature. Since being too hot or too cold is one reason why a baby wakes up in the middle of the night, having the right items is essential for a baby to sleep through the night. Therefore, we took on the challenge of informing parents about the differences between a woven baby blanket vs Bamboo blankets.

Sleeping Safely

“When can my baby sleep with a blanket” is the most common concern that everyone has. The American Academy of Pediatrics has not decided on the minimum age for a blanket to be safely placed in a crib. However, they recommend that a parent wait until the child is at least a year old if not a year and a half. If a parent decides on and is comfortable putting a blanket in their child’s crib before the recommended age, then going with breathable baby blankets are highly recommended. Overall, the question of “when can baby sleep with blanket” is to use your best judgment.

Size Matters

If one wants to buy a baby crib size blanket for their child to sleep on top of, they need to how big the mattress is. For safety reasons, the blanket should never be larger than the size of the crib itself. Having the blanket bunched up in the sides can pose serious choking hazards. How big should a baby blanket be will depend on the size of the baby when the blanket is bought. For example, if the baby is nine months old and roughly 30 inches long, buying a newborn blanket would not make much sense. The average baby blanket size is 34 inches by 46 inches.

Swaddle Blankets

We all know that swaddle blankets are lifesavers. The wrapping of the blanket soothes the baby into thinking that he or she is back in the safety of the womb where he or she has been for nine months. Cotton vs bamboo swaddle blankets is essential to distinguish because a swaddled baby can become hot and sweaty. In contrast, a bamboo swaddling blanket will control the body temperature of the baby no matter how the baby is dressed and keep the baby happy and sleeping. On the other hand, a cotton swaddling blanket has no temperature control, so the baby will wake up either still cold or drenched in sweat.

We understand the early years of a child’s life are the most memorable. It is a time of learning and connecting between baby and parents. Here is where one learns what clothes, foods, and activities their baby like and does not like. This is also the time where new parents will be the most tired. A way to make this period more manageable and more pleasurable for parents would be to have different baby blankets that we have for their child and skip the woven baby blanket altogether. So many are misled to believe that is the better option when it is not.