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Mom and Baby Matching Hospital Outfits Ideas

Looking for the cutest mom and baby matching hospital outfits? When your baby enters the world, it is by far one of the most memorable moments of your life, and whether you want to document it or not, having an adorable outfit ready for both is a must. Obviously, you do not want to get outfits that are over the top cute, because they may not be practical for hospital wear. Do not fear, however, for there are many tips to getting chic newborn clothes that are comfortable and perfect for the mom and baby matching outfits hospital. 

Tips to Find the Perfect Mom and Baby Outfit

Although finding the perfect outfit is ideal, you also need to take into account that the mother just gave birth, and your newborn recently opened their eyes. This means that comfortability will be the number one priority, but that does not mean you won’t be able to look chic postpartum! Finding the best baby clothing is not hard, but before you make a decision and buy the perfect matching outfit, make sure your clothing choices fit the checklist below! 

Mom Outfit

  • Loose, comfortable clothing: Tight clothing is a huge no post-partum, and finding something that is loose-fitting is the best option. Some simple ideas are a robe, great for hospital walks as you can put it on easily and is extremely comfy. You can also go for a great set of pajamas, and this can be perfect for the mom and baby matching outfits hospital. Leggings and flowy pants can also be cute and comfortable right after birth. 
  • Comfortable underwear: Not many people realize how important getting comfortable underwear is, but it is something you should definitely spend your coin on. After birth, you will want to feel the safety of full underwear, and not something shear like thongs or cheeksters. Maternity underwear will be your best friend! 
  • Nursing bra: If you are planning to breastfeed during your stay at the hospital, a nursing bra will be essential. Even if you are not breastfeeding, nursing bras are plain comfy and are a great bra to wear after birth. 
  • Headband: Not only can headbands be a great accessory to wear and make your outfit look so much cuter, but it can also be a lifesaver for people who have long hair. Chances are you will not be doing your hair at the hospital, which means that some sort of headband will be needed to keep the annoying hair at bay. The last thing you want is your hair bothering you when you are already feeling tired. 
  • Socks/slippers: A must-have in the hospital, socks or slippers will make you feel safe and comfortable! Especially if you live in a colder region, socks will be something you will not want to forget. Even if you live in a warmer area, many hospitals are freezing inside, so don’t assume you do not need them! 

Baby Outfit

  • Comfortable clothing: When your newborn has just arrived, soft baby clothes will be a must-have. There are many options available, ranging from pajamas to a comfortable newborn onesie. One great option is Free Birdees’ newborn footie made from bamboo. They are incredibly soft and breathable, making them perfect for your new infant. Also, their footies cover their feet as well, so no need for socks. Looking for pajamas or other cute baby clothes? Feel free to check out their website!
  • Hat and socks: Make sure to plan accordingly, which means knowing how cold or warm it will be when your baby arrives. It will most likely be cold in the hospital, so even in warm weather, it is a good idea to pack a few pairs of socks and an adorable baby knot hat. 

Chic Newborn Clothes to Match with Mom

The bond between a baby and mom is something they only know and experience, for it is special and strong. To symbolize this bond, mom and baby boy matching hospital outfits are a must-have and is a powerful way to show mutual love and affection. In addition, don’t forget the cute photos you will be able to take with the outfits!

Practical Matching Hospital Outfit for Baby Boy and Mom

In order to have a smooth post-delivery, wearing the right clothes is essential, so a Labor and Delivery Gown & Matching Baby Boy Gown and Newborn Hat set is perfect. The outfit puts functionality and cuteness all into one, making it the ultimate choice for moms. The adjustable waistline that is sewed on gives you more freedom, and the hidden front fabric panel makes it easier for doctor examinations. There are also elastic armholes and a pulldown elastic neckline for easy breastfeeding and more comfort. For your baby, the gown is made of cotton, which is breathable and soft and has built in mittens to protect their skin. With this outfit’s practicality, it is a great choice for mothers looking to make their life easier and less stressful. 

Adorable Matching Outfit for Baby Girl

A cute outfit is a must have for amazing photos and memories, so something like Free Birdees Matching Mommy and Me Set Azure Floral Women's Bamboo PJ Set is a smart choice! Cute baby clothes are always on demand, so Free Birdees made sure to meet the adorable standard for all moms and your newborns! The turquoise and light pink flowers add the finishing touches and bring the white based gown to life, creating a tranquil and peaceful atmosphere around you. It is also made of 95% cotton, making it breathable when worn and the perfect newborn set. Looking good makes you feel more confident and happy about yourself, so don’t be shy to dress up a little bit, even if you are at the hospital!

Bamboo Matching Outfit

Many do not know the power of bamboo viscose, but it is like a gift sent from mother nature. Adult and baby clothes made from bamboo are so soft and breathable because of their natural fibers, which allow cool air to pass to keep you comfy and cozy. An online baby clothing brand that adores bamboo is Free Birdees, for they believe giving their customers the highest quality bamboo baby clothes is the number one priority. Their Azure Floral Pajama Set is great for wearing outside of the hospital and is available for newborns and the moms! As a mom, you get a beautiful floral colored top to pair with azure colored pants with floral flowers, which complement each other very well. The two colors match amazingly and create a special style just for you. With your cute pajamas and your newborn’s posh baby clothes, you will leave everyone wanting a matching pair for themselves! 

Best Matching Accessories for Newborn 

To go with their cute baby clothes, accessories are necessary for adding the finishing touches to their style. The little things can make the biggest difference, and accessories are not only a show piece, but a comfort piece too. They can help make your newborn extra cozy and warm when they are still trying to adapt to their new environment. 

Baby Knot Hat

A baby knot hat is a must have because when you are buying a mom and baby boy matching hospital outfit, they usually do not include a hat to cover their head! A hat is very important because the head is one the fastest ways your newborn can lose heat if not covered, so keeping them healthy and warm is paramount because their body systems and functions are still weak. Not to mention, the knot on the hat adds a unique style and is trending among newborns, so adding this to your bucket list will not be a mistake!

Swaddle Blanket

We all have heard of the horror stories of our parents telling us how they never got to sleep because we always woke them up in the middle of the night crying, so this is why a swaddle blanket is so important to have. Newborns and toddlers who were swaddled have shown to sleep better and longer. In addition, this practice helps to prevent unwanted wake-ups from your newborn’s startle reflex, which will start to disappear when they turn 3-6 months old. You can also save money by not buying comfort items, like extra pillows and stuffed animals, because swaddling gives enough comfort for your baby. If you are a fan of bamboo viscose products, you will love Free Birdees and their bamboo swaddle blankets because they make sure to use the highest quality materials and cutest prints!

Baby Crib Sheet

When planning the perfect nursery room, getting quality and adorable crib sheets is crucial for a good night sleep and a modern baby room! We all know how important sleep is, so investing more time and money into premium and cozy crib sheets will not be regrettable. Sleep is a newborn’s best friend, so it is necessary to get sheets that will be breathable and soft to ensure a peaceful and positive night sleep. Bamboo has all the helpful benefits to make this dream a reality, so purchasing some of Free Birdees’ fun and cozy bamboo baby crib sheets is an offer you cannot and should not resist!   


Having a baby can be an extremely rewarding experience, and should be celebrated with laughter and smiles! That also means putting on your most adorable matching outfit for the very first photos with your newborn. When you look back at these memorable photos, do not regret not choosing a cute matching outfit with your newborn, for these memories can only be made once. As always, put comfortability over fashion, but that does not mean that you cannot create an amazing mom and baby matching outfits hospital!