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Is Baby Not Sleeping? 😴

3 Tips tor Help Baby Sleep Through the Night

Ah, parenthood. A time of joy, wonder, and seemingly endless nights of interrupted sleep. If your baby isn't sleeping, you're not alone. Many parents go through the tumultuous period of trying to figure out how to get their little ones to rest. Here, we'll discuss the possible reasons your baby might be awake and provide some potential solutions.

A good night's sleep for your baby means a restful night for you. However, achieving that serenity can often feel like an elusive dream. Here are three essential tips to ensure your baby sleeps soundly, featuring Free Birdees' products made with your baby's comfort in mind.

If baby hasn't quite gotten the hang of getting a good night's sleep yet, here are a few tips to help lay a foundation for restful sleep habits.

Tip No.1: Have a Calming Bedtime Routine

Ensuring the bedroom is tranquil with muted lights and a calm atmosphere signals to your baby that it's time to wind down. A crucial element in this routine is choosing the right clothing for bedtime.

Free Birdees' Convertible Footies: Made from the luxurious bamboo fabric, these footies stand out for their exceptional softness. Bamboo fabric is known for being as "soft as butter" and is ultra-breathable, making it perfect for baby's delicate skin. The innovative cuff design of these footies adds 2-3 inches of length, ensuring longer wear as your baby grows. What's more, these footies effortlessly transition from day to night, ensuring your baby is comfy round the clock. The significance of a good footie can't be overstated – it directly impacts the quality of your baby's sleep.

Bamboo footies

Tip No.2: Remember, Drowsy But Awake

Observing signs of tiredness, such as your baby rubbing their eyes, is your cue to get them ready for bed. By placing drowsy babies in bed, they begin to associate feelings of tiredness with their crib, making bedtime routines smoother in the future.

For a Better Night: FREE BIRDÉES SHEETS: These bamboo crib sheets aren't just sheets; they're a soft embrace ensuring your baby drifts into the sweetest dreams. Crafted meticulously with the highest-grade yarns, they promise longevity. The elastic straps are a thoughtful addition, ensuring the sheets remain in place on a twin bed. Just like the footies, they're as soft as a loving hug, ensuring maximum comfort.

Crib Sheet made of Bamboo

Tip No.3: Swaddle for Sleep

The act of swaddling recreates the snug feeling of being in the womb, providing a sense of security. Ensure the swaddle isn't too tight and that your baby can bend their legs comfortably.

Free Birdees' Bamboo Sleep Sacks: When it comes to swaddling, Free Birdees offers bamboo sleep sacks that are the epitome of comfort. Made with bamboo, these sleep sacks are incredibly soft and temperature-regulating, ensuring your baby remains cozy without overheating. The 2-way zipper is a game-changer, allowing for easy, no-wake-up diaper changes. Birdee Mamas can't stop raving about the cozy fitting and the super long-lasting signature fabric!

Bamboo Sleep Sacks


In conclusion, ensuring your baby's comfort through the night isn't just about routines – it's also about the quality of the products you choose. With Free Birdees' range of bamboo products, comfort and quality go hand in hand. Here's to many nights of peaceful slumber for both you and your baby! 🌙😴

The Bamboo Difference with Free Birdees

When it comes to choosing the best for your baby, bamboo fabric stands out in the world of baby products. Not only is bamboo eco-friendly, but its inherent properties make it perfect for sensitive baby skin. Free Birdees prides itself on curating a range of products that harness the benefits of bamboo.

Convertible Footies: A unique blend of style and comfort, these footies are designed keeping both babies and parents in mind. The innovative cuff design ensures that your baby gets prolonged wear from each pair. Bamboo, being ultra-breathable, ensures these footies are perfect for all seasons.

Bamboo Crib Sheets: A restful sleep begins with a comfortable bed. And what could be more comfortable than a crib covered with the softest bamboo sheets? The added elastic straps keep everything in place, ensuring undisturbed slumber.

Bamboo Sleep Sacks: Swaddling is an art, and with Free Birdees’ sleep sacks, it's a joy. The 2-way zipper is particularly useful for those midnight diaper changes, ensuring your baby can go back to sleep with minimal disruption.

In a market flooded with baby products, Free Birdees stands out, emphasizing quality, comfort, and sustainability. When you choose Free Birdees, you're choosing the best for your baby.