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How Important is the Right Pajamas for Your Baby to Get a Good Night's Sleep?

Finding the perfect Newborn Pajama Sets are essential so that your baby is comfortable and can get a good nights sleep.  When it comes to your child, only the best will do. That's why every decision that you make concerning your baby is carefully thought out and researched. You want to do everything in your power to protect your infant from harm so you go the extra mile to avoid things that could potentially hurt them physically and emotionally. 

Pajama Sets that Say No to Chemical-Laden Clothing

After learning about the harsh chemicals that are used to produce some baby clothing, you've decided it's not worth the risk to put your child into contact with something that causes skin irritations and breathing issues. Instead, you choose to buy from companies that offer the best organic materials so that when you do dress your baby for bed, you know that there won't be potential threats to their well-being. 

Choose Baby PJs and Jammies Carefully 

To better understand the importance of the right pajamas for your child and how the clothing helps your infant sleep well, we need to first look into why rest is necessary for the growth, development, and overall health of your baby. That way, you know exactly why you've opted to shop for PJs that help your babies sleep better. Knowledge is power and the more informed you are, the more value you add to the conversation by sharing what you've learned with others about the softest baby pajamas in the world for infants, babies, and toddlers. 

A Baby's Sleep Schedule Explained 

Up until they're two months old, babies experience many sleep disruptions due to their need to feed. It's instinctual and something that you'll have a hard time correcting while they're newborns. It isn't unusual for a baby to sleep 10 to 14 hours a day but they may wake up every few hours crying because they're hungry. 

As the child gets older, however, sleep sessions may grow longer in length. You can expect a baby six to nine months in age to sleep up to six hours at a time without disruption. You can help them sleep more soundly by putting them in the best quality and softest baby s in the world that keep them comfortable. 

Older babies and toddlers sleep through the night better with encouragement. They get 11 hours on average despite taking a few naps throughout the day. The amount of time they spend awake is far greater than it was when they were little babies. 

Considerations to Make While Shopping for Baby Pajamas

When shopping for the best sleepwear, there are many considerations to make. For example, materials are one. Next is construction. 

How well a garment is made is very important. After all, it's going to be on your baby while they sleep. You don't want something that makes them immobile or causes them to sweat profusely. 

Last but not least, moisture-wicking fabric is key. It helps regulate your baby's temperature better so they're more comfortable sleeping through the night. Infants and toddlers deserve the softest baby pajamas in the world

Think about your favorite pair of pajamas and then make sure that your baby's jammies are similar to yours. The best sleepwear offers excellent construction, super softness, and built-in wicking properties. Free Birdees bamboo baby clothes are the baby equivalent to the most comfortable pajamas you've ever put on your body. 

The Best Pajama Materials for Babies to Sleep In 

Not all materials are created equally which is why it's important to look into each carefully before deciding which to dress your baby in. Sustainable and organic fabrics range in texture which is ultimately the final decision-maker for you. Baby skin is delicate and deserves the height in comfort. 

The best sleepwear is made of unbleached organic cotton, hemp or bamboo. All three materials make a world of difference in how your baby sleeps when wearing them. 

Unbleached Organic Cotton 

Cotton is the type of material that is widely used for garments of all types especially those that lay close to the skin. When it is unbleached, it makes a good fabric for little ones. You'll find many companies sell baby pajamas made of organic cotton that hasn't gone through the bleaching process. 

Bleached cotton is hard on the environment. It's not as good of a fabric for the best sleepwear because of the negative impact the manufacturing process has on the planet. Earth-conscious parents opt instead to outfit their babies in Free Birdees bamboo baby clothes because we're known for making the softest baby pajamas in the world. 

Hemp for Pajamas

Like cotton, hemp is natural. It's an eco-friendly fabric that many mothers love. It's also sustainable which is better for the planet overall. 

Carbon and water waste are reduced by the growing of hemp. That's what makes it appealing as a material for clothing. It doesn't promote the destruction of the environment the way that other materials do. 

Newborns, babies, and infants may not respond well to the fabric, however, because it tends to be less soft than bamboo. The softest baby pajamas in the world are created from the latter material because of its unique appearance and feel against the skin of newborns, babies, and infants. 

Bamboo Viscose Pajamas

Free Birdees made it our mission to scour the globe for the best quality and softest materials to use to create our line of baby pajamas. What we decided to use was bamboo viscose because of its ability to stretch and breathability. In addition to being a sustainable material, it is also eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and good for regulating body temperature during the different seasons of the year. 

At Free Birdees we design our prints in-house and there is a lot of attention to detail in the manufacturing process. The best sleepwear comes from Free Birdees because our bamboo baby clothes meet a need for babies, infants, and toddlers while making sleep time better for you, too. 

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Better 

There will be times that your baby sleeps more or less than usual. It could be due to an illness or the cutting of new teeth. You shouldn't be alarmed if their sleep schedule changes somewhat as they age because the amount of rest needed as a newborn differs from what they need as a toddler. 

The following suggestions can help your baby sleep better: 

Create a sleep routine for your child. Stick to the same activities night after night so your baby starts to understand that it's time to wind down. Give them a bath before bedtime as a way of raising their temperature slightly and helping them relax. Infants, babies, and toddlers respond to the sudden feeling of warmth which promotes sleepiness and helps you get them to bed easier. Free Birdees knows just how important a routine is for little ones. After all, they're learning all the time. When you're teaching infants, babies, and toddlers how to become more independent, consistency is key. 

Dress them in the softest baby pajamas in the world. After a warm bath, dress your babies in their Free Birdees pajamas, the softest clothing in the world. Infants, babies, and toddlers are the most comfortable when they're dressed in snug PJs that fit their growing bodies. Our clothing ranges from newborn babies all the way to 8 years. 

The best time to put them to bed is when they start to show signs of drowsiness. Once the baby starts to nod off, it's time to put them to bed. That way, they won't be wide awake once you're ready to go to sleep yourself. Newborns, babies, and infants sleep more soundly when they get used to a routine. Consequently, you'll get a better night's rest, too, because you won't be woken up by their cries at 3 AM. 

Make sure the child lays on their back. This is one way to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Children who lay on their stomach are at higher risk in their cribs. A clothed baby wearing bamboo baby clothes won't become too hot or too cold while resting either which could lead to health problems that are oftentimes lethal. 

Keep loose sheets and toys out of the crib. You don't want these items to suffocate your little one while they move around in their sleep. Make sure sheets are fitted and that stuffed animals have a place on a shelf or in a toy box while the infant sleeps. The softest baby pajamas in the world will keep the child covered enough and comfortable while they rest their weary eyes for a few hours. 

Get a better night's rest yourself by making sure that your baby is dressed appropriately for bed. Keep the room that they sleep in a comfortable temperature with it not being too hot or too cold. Drown out sudden noises by investing in a white noise machine that plays while your baby rests. 

You can always check-in on the newborn, baby or toddler using a monitor. There are options available with cameras so you can see what is going on in the nursery. Another idea is to invest in wearable technology that tracks your baby's vitals and send alerts to your phone throughout the night. 

The Pajamas That You Choose for Your Infant and Toddler Affects Their Sleep 

The right pajama materials invite restful slumber into your child's life. They're comfortable, soft-to-the-touch, and hypoallergenic. They don't cling to your baby's body or restrict blood flow to their extremities. More importantly, the right baby pajamas provide you with comfort knowing that your little on is safe from harm and sleeping soundly throughout the night. 

Bamboo baby clothes are the softest baby pajamas in the world. Free Birdees is the best sleepwear for newborns, infants, and toddlers. If you need further proof, put your child in a pair and watch them slip into blissful slumber night after night. 

It won't be long before you realize the value of having the best sleepwear around for newborns, infants, and toddlers. A well-rested baby is a well-rested mommy. Having the softest baby pajamas in the world on hand as your child goes through the different growth stages in life ensures that they'll get good sleep despite the changes in their bodies.