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Holiday Gift Ideas for the Whole Family

Every loved one in your family deserves a great holiday gift like no other this coming winter season. For many parents, trying to coordinate wish lists can be difficult with having children of varying ages in the family who all want specific things in only one color or it isn't what they want. Trying to satisfy everyone's desires can pull parents every which way trying to make the holiday memorable and loving. When thinking of holiday gift ideas this year, you and your family can definitely benefit from considering luxuriously soft and adorable matching holiday pajamas.

Everyone from mom to dad to the babies and toddlers can get a pair of matching pajamas that coddles them with a superb level of warmth and softness. Pajamas are great during the winter months to express your wholesome and loving holiday spirit while remaining cozy and comfortable with the snow coming down heavily outside. Give your family the opportunity to enjoy luxurious comfort while bonding with each other with matching holiday pajamas and blankets.

Adorable Baby Sets

Welcoming a new life into the family is a huge event that's celebrated with tons of love and devotion during the holidays. Introduce your new bundle of joy into the traditions of the family with soft pajama sets and accessories to keep them comfortable and warm while making them the perfect centerpiece in the family photos. Newborns up to 24 months oldcan enjoy stretchy and breathable bamboo baby clothes that are perfect for every season and will help the baby maintain a safe body temperature that's not too hot or cold no matter the season. Shop cute baby boy clothes and baby girl options that will delight other family members and bring a new level of love to the holidays.

These baby pajama sets are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, allowing every type of newborn or infant to enjoy comfortable, matching clothes with the rest of their family. Girls and boys can wear comfortable holiday-themed pajamas along with sets with unique, hand-printed designs of trucks or flowers. You can plan the perfect photoshoot for greeting cards or coordinate a comfortable evening at home watching heartwarming movies. You don't have to limit your options by shopping in stores that may not have as many designs or care in their crafting or available materials. Be confident that your newborn's clothes are gentle on their delicate skin and great all year-round by shopping with Free Birdees.

Matching Toddler and Children PJs

Holiday pajamas are a great choice for thriving toddlers up to precocious preteens who want comfortable attire that is suitable to everyone's interests and stylistic preferences. Find holiday footies, toddlers Christmas pajamas and even Mommy & Me pajamas that will let children better bond with their parents. Mom and son matching outfits are an adorable niche that may be hard to find while shopping for regular clothing during the year. Free Birdees provides clothing options that are designed and inspired by a mother with children of her own.

Instead of relying on chance during the winter season, take advantage of these gorgeous holiday gift ideas and shop for lovely holiday pajamas. Waiting until the last minute can often lead to shipping issues or products that are out of stock. Shopping online for the toddler and preteen clothing you need can help you get the right size the first time around and find unique designs for the holidays that will delight your friends and family members. There are rompers, overalls and more for your growing child that will stretch so you can get the best use out of the outfit before they grow out of it. When you choose Free Birdees, you choose toddlers Christmas pajamas that are comfortable, made of quality materials and have unique designs that can't be found elsewhere.

Kids Holiday Pajamas

While Free Birdees offers a huge range of pajamas, overalls, rompers and more for regular everyday use no matter the season, there are also many holiday pajama sets for every person in the family so they can feel better connected to the holiday season. Creating or continuing a family tradition can start with finding the perfect set of matching pajamas for everyone in the family. Mom, Dad and all the kids can wear the same charming Christmas plaid or winter farm design that's both comfortable and beautiful to see on the front of your holiday cards.

Let your imagination and creativity grow by taking advantage of the gorgeous, comfy clothes and pajama sets available at Free Birdees now. Every holiday can be made more homey and charming by allowing kids to have matching clothes with their loving parents during the heartwarming and cozy holiday season. Your holiday can be made much more charming by personalizing the family's outfits and matching those who you love the most.

Sibling Matching Bamboo Pajamas

Siblings in their preteens and teens are often rambunctious sources of energy who bounce around the house, sneaking snacks at night and leaving their laundry everywhere. The holidays are a great time to encourage their best behavior and patience with matching pajama sets. Parents know more than anyone how particular teens can be about their interests and desires and how difficult it can be to come up with holiday gift ideas they'll enjoy. Free Birdees has an amazing selection of comfortable, breathable pajamas that even the most fastidious teen will enjoy and wear every day of their holiday break.

The many available girls Christmas pajamas have adorable and stylish designs, made with sturdy bamboo materials that will last through the holidays. You can also search through the many boys Christmas pajamas to find styles that are comfortable and can stand the wear and tear of energetic teens. Holiday pajamas have multiple benefits for siblings and teens as they allow otherwise fiesty brothers and sisters to bond with each other while wearing matching outfits and staying warm. Christmas morning can be the perfect picturesque scene with everyone in the family getting along in charming pajama sets while opening their presents.

Blankets, Hats and More

Your holiday gift ideas are limitless when considering the potential for matching blankets, crib cozies, hats and loveys. Matching holiday pajamas with crib or stroller blankets can create a picture-perfect image that delights family members during Christmas meals or while around the tree opening presents. With hair bows, hats and bamboo blankets, families can enjoy cozy warmth and fashion while lounging on the couch or going to bed at night.

Parents with newborns often have to consider how a new fabric will feel against their baby's skin and if it will provide enough coverage and safety from the elements while traveling or being around the home. The bamboo materials used by Free Birdees have been extensively tested to ensure they're of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers and mills that work toward ethical and eco-friendly goals. Gift your family with stylish, quality accessories and blankets this holiday season that allow them to express themselves while being comfortable and warm.

Family Matching Holiday PJs

Looking for family matching holiday PJs? Starting off the holiday season can be difficult for on-the-move families who already have busy schedules and lives. Finding the perfect gifts for everyone can take more time than you have to give, making it even more essential to find a quality store that can provide what you need. From Daddy & Me pajamas to boys Christmas pajamas, you can fulfill all of your holiday gift ideas by shopping at Free Birdees.

Find the perfect matching girls Christmas pajamas for your daughter or kids holiday pajamas for your toddlers who can't help but to run under and around the tree in their holiday excitment. Celebrating the holidays and your special family traditions should be the most important concern on your mind. Don't worry about stores not carrying the gifts you need or the lack of styles and designs found in average department stores. Overhaul your holiday shopping experience by choosing quality, matching family pajamas that the whole family can enjoy and love.


Free Birdees is an innovative company that started with a mom looking for the softest, quality materials she could use for her own children. The company today is constantly searching for new and amazing ways to use bamboo materials to bring lovely designs and clothing options to shoppers around the world.

Interested shoppers can find an abundance of amazing sets for the whole family while benefiting from the rewards program and clear conscience of buying from an eco-conscious company. Experience the luxury of unique designs, highest-grade yarns and bamboo materials and a softness that can't be found anywhere else.

Show your family how much you care by adding matching family pajama sets to your holiday gift ideas. Holiday pajamas celebrate this special time of year by giving the family the opportunity to bond and enjoy each others' company while watching heartwarming movies on the couch or snuggling in front of the fire.