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Fun Sleep Over Ideas for Kids

Organizing the perfect pajama party for your kids and their friends should be easy. There are so many awesome ideas, and you only need to pick what works for your kid and run with it. You can decide that they have games, they do some DIY projects, or they have a party. If time allows, you can engage them in a variety of these exercises so that they never get bored.

Even as you choose some sleepover ideas for kids here, note that your kids already have their ideas. So, it would be good if you incorporate their ideas into the night so that the pajama party doesn’t feel like an extension of school. Get some matching kids pajamas and check out the ideas below.

Pajama Ideas for Sleepover

Matching Pajamas

Kids love to be in matching clothes. Having them wear matching pajamas is a good way to start the party. You can include the pajamas in your invitation, or you supply them to the kids when they arrive. Allow the kids to get creative in the games they come up with from the matching pajamas.


Housecoats are comfortable and warm. Your kids can act adults when they wear these housecoats, and they will feel relaxed. When in these fuzzy coats, there are so many games they can engage in, including watching movies, doing crafts, and running around.

Spa Night

Spa night is for teens. You can get them comfortable housecoats or best pajamas for kids and then treat them to a pampering spa night. The challenging part about teenagers is that they already have a boatload of ideas what they want their pajama party to be. You have to pass this idea by them. Make the spa treat interesting so that they make their nails and soak their feet as they enjoy healthy juices and chitchat.

Sleep Over Games for Toddlers at Home

Jelly Bean Tasting Game

Tasting jelly beans is always fun for toddlers. They can take as many treats as possible, and you will be there to explain to them. As they taste, you can teach them how different senses work and how much the taste of the jelly beans is influenced by different factors.

Musical Sleeping Bags

This game is good for all ages and toddlers will love it. You only need sleeping bags arranged without one. Start the music and let the kids go in circles. When you stop the music abruptly, the kids should grab the sleeping bags. One will miss and you remove them from the game. Next, remove another sleeping bag and let the game continue.

Sleeping Bag Races

This game is the same as sack races, but now you use sleeping bags. Clear a section of your living room to use as race tracks and set the finish line. The players can hop, or they can wriggle on the floor to get to the finish line.


Every child loves stickers. You should provide the stickers for the kids, but introduce a game where they have to win the stickers. You can, for instance, have a die and allow them to cast it to win the stickers. They can then use the sticker to decorate a page or have them make crowns from foam paper and decorate them with these stickers.

Hula Blockers

You need hula hoops for this game. The friends will all stand in their own hoops and try to throw bean bags into the hoops of others. The trick is for the kids to ensure the bean bags do not land into their circle. They can do that as they shout hu-la block-ers.


Sardines is a version of indoor hide and seek. One kid will hide and the other will look for them. Once a kid finds the one who went to hide, they will hide with them and now two kids will be in hiding. You will be surprised how many kids can fit in a small space. Get them some baby pajamas or toddler pajamas to spice the game.

Toilet Paper Mummy Games

You need a lot of tissue paper to play this game. It is one of the sleepover activities for teams. Set the kids into two groups and allow them to choose a person to wrap like a mummy. Provide them with tissue papers and the first team to completely wrap their mummy wins.

Treasure Hunt

Treasure hunt is good for all ages. Even adults love treasure hunt. You can play the game indoor or outdoor if the kids arrive before dusk. There are several types of scavenger hunts to explore, depending on the facilities and resources you have. Each treasure hunt should end in kids getting a treat.

Bob for Donuts

This is a simple game where kids try to eat donuts hanging from strings without using their hands at all. Allow the kids to be creative in how they get the donuts. They should also not cut the threads and their hands should be tied at their backs.

Flashlight Hide and Seek

This is a version of hide and seek that kids play it at night. Kids will hide and the one with the torch will find them. Once they get someone, they shine the beam of torch on them. The game continues until they find all the kids who were hiding.

Balloon Bust

You only need PJs for boys and girls and some balloons. Kids need to dance to music while touching a balloon flying around in the air. When the music stops, the kid touching the balloon should pop it and then work on the challenge inside the balloon. Make the challenges in the balloon diverse so that the kids do not anticipate what is needed of them.

Halloween Night

Free Birdees offers some of the most unique halloween pajamas for kids.

Sleepover Ideas for Kids 10 Years or More

Fact or Fiction

This is a game for tweens who want to learn more about their friends. It is a guessing game where the child gives two statements where one is a lie and the other is the truth. The others should guess which statement is a lie and which is the truth. They can also give one statement and the others vote on fact or fiction. There are no winners and losers here.

Blindfolded Makeup

Blindfold the kids and allow them to apply makeup to their friends. The child who applies the least messy makeup will win. This game will be ideal for girls. For boys you can engage them in face art and allow them to get creative with the art they draw on their friends’ faces.

Emoji Bingo

Bingo is fun whichever way you play it. When kids play it with emojis, it is even more fun. You can use candies as markers and then get emoji stickers to help you execute the game.

Memory Games

Your kids will have fun challenging each other with memory games. You only need to bring the best pajamas for kids and then have some cards to help create the memory games. You can buy the memory game cards, or you can create some at home with animals and other items. When shopping for the games or creating some, ensure they are appropriate for the age of the kids.

Obstacle Course

If the kids get to your house before dusk, or you have a well-lit yard, you can engage them in this outdoor game. You only need to create some hurdles that are the right size for the kids and allow them to jump and compete with each other.

Paper Fortune Teller

This is another of pajama ideas for sleepover. You can buy Origami fortune tellers online, or you can fold a paper in a way that kids can read in between the paper folds. Look for instructions online on how to fold the paper as there are different methods of crafting the game. Watch as the kids tell their futures using paper.

Puddle Jumps

This is one of the sleep over games that kids will absolutely love. It combines two of their favorite games; puddles and playing pretend. Get pajamas for 10 years old boy or girl, rain coats, and socks. Allow the kids to jump through puddles, which are soft craft foam on the floor. There are many pajama ideas for 10 year old girl or boy to make the kids comfortable enough to play.

Wacky Dance from a Dice Roll

Have six wacky dances numbered one to six. The dances can be crazy chicken, dinosaur stomp, slithery chicken, and so many others. Roll the die and let the kids do the wacky dance from the die roll. You can have them compete on these wacky dances to see who does it best.

Blindfolded Musical Chairs

If you want to have more fun with musical chairs, you can try this take. You play the game the same you would the classic musical chairs, but now you blindfold the kids. They need to show their dance moves and when the music stops, they should look for chairs and sit. Whoever misses a chair is removed from the game.

Movie Night

This is one of the 10 year old sleep over ideas that will always sit well with kids. You can engage in other sleepover activities, including a pajama party, and then wind up with a movie. You need to organize the watching space so that the kids feel like they are in a movie theater. Have some large pillows, teddy bears, popcorns, and many other items. Allow the kids to come up with pajama movie night ideas so that you don’t force a boring movie on them. There are so many animated movies for pajama night party ideas.

Indoor Camps

Indoor camps are good for tweens as they are for adults. You need to have ready PJs for boys and girls, have some tents, and then organize a list of activities for night. You can have some wildlife stuffs, a fake fire pit, and then have fun activities, such as painting.

Tea Party

Kids love snacks. Make them some cookies and serve them tea in elegant cups. Have some golden crowns that the kids wear to the party and ensure they have stylish pajamas for the night. Make the tea party formal and ensure that the kids have roles to play during the party.

Making Friendship Bracelets

If you need 10 year old sleep over ideas that will keep the kids engaged and being creative. Get them beads and strings and everything else they need to create the bracelets. They can even customize the bracelets by using lettered beads for the names of their friends.

Pillow Fights

This should be a game for Christmas pajama party for adults, but kids will also love it. Get them stylish pajamas and allow them to fight until there is only one of them standing. You need soft cushiony pillows for the fight. Clear the room so that it will be easier to manage the mess after the fight.

Game Night

Even the best pajama movie night ideas will still benefit from a series of games. Bring some board games into the house and create a night they will not forget. You can have snacks, drinks, and boards games than the kids will love. If there are more than three kids, have them play in teams.

Cooking Night

Tweens love assisting in the kitchen. It also allows them to learn new things and enhance the knowledge they got from school. Collect all the ingredients you need and then assign the tweens some roles to help you cook. They can be in the best pajamas for children, but let them have aprons so that they feel like chefs. They can help you cut and chop ingredients, peel other ingredients, stir, knead, and so many other activities that are safe for them.

Pajama Party Ideas for Teens

Create an Invitation Card

Organizing sleep overs for teens can be challenging. These kids already know what they want, and you have to pass every idea by them. An invitation card is a brilliant idea. Craft it in a way that charms the guests and include all the details about the pajama night party ideas. Include details on how to get to the party location and what to bring to the party.

Blanket Fort

Kids of any age will enjoy the idea of a blanket fort. You only need to get PJs for boys or girls and then allow them to create a fort on their own where they can engage in activities, such as brain game challenges, movies, or conversations.

Hot Cocoa Bar

This idea will work for teens and tweens as well. Have the best pajamas for children and then arrange for them to make their cocoa the way they want it. Set a table on one end of the room to work as a cocoa bar and then let the kids make the cocoa themselves. Put out the marshmallows.


Décor ideas can work for teens and tweens as well. Get pajamas for 10 years old boy and pajama ideas for 10 year old girl and for teens and have them create creative decors for the child’s bedroom. The teens will snap photos for their social media pages, and they need a cool space.

Photo Booth

School pajama party ideas are never complete without a photo booth. When you have a good photo booth, you need the best props. Create a space for the best photos and allow the kids to get silly with the photos they take. Get them funny sunglasses and moustaches and several other items to help take those interesting photos for the school pajama party ideas.

True or Dare

Get matching pajamas sets for birthday party for the teens and have them do a truth or dare game. The game is a classic and will have the teens laughing and screaming and being surprised. It is a way for teens to know each other and have a good time while at it.

Would You Rather

With the best PJs FD write several statements on papers. These statements should be contracting and should make it challenging for the kids to choose one. For instance, you can write statements, such as would you rather be stuck at home alone or be in a room full of your enemies all day?

Never Have I Ever?

This is a game for adults and teens will also find the game interesting. Get them matching pajamas sets for birthday party and allow them to ask each other questions on things they have done that might have been embarrassing.


One game is never enough even when you have the softest pajamas. You need to get the kids ready for the sleep over throughout the week and collect their ideas. Get the best baby pajamas and kids pajamas so that they will be comfortable during the sleepover. The softest pajamas will make any game easy so that kids can run, dance, hop, and roll without their PJs FD coming interfering with their play. Unlike small kids that only need toddler pajamas, you need to let teens organize their party as they already know what they need – only provide their resources.