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Choosing the Right Bedding for Your Baby and Toddler

When choosing the right bedding for your baby or toddler, you want only the best for your baby and toddler, and you want to choose the softest toddler blanket in the world! You want a blanket that is well-made and that will last a long time, while staying in great condition. You want your baby/toddler to sleep comfortably all through the night, so you can get some sleep too. You may ask yourself, "What are the determining factors in finding the softest toddler blanket in the world?" A Brand called Free Birdees may have the the answers you're looking for. 

Softest Toddler Blankets in the World

Free Birdees is a family-owned business, founded by a mom named Kathy. Her baby had a severe case of eczema and sensitive skin. For this reason, she came to realize that the only fabrics she could rely on for being breathable and have a texture of softness, was viscose made from bamboo. This is what led her to making the bamboo baby blankets and softest toddler blanket in the world. Her hand-drawn designs are distinctive and like no other. Through her blankets and clothes, she wanted to create a strong connection with all moms-to-be and new moms.

Materials Used

Bamboo Baby Blankets

Free Birdees blankets, made with bamboo are in the soft blanket category.  Free Birdees only uses a very high quality bamboo to ensure minimal pilling after washing. They also ensure high quality assurance standards by choosing the best manufacturing partners for making their bamboo baby blankets. They also work with expert seamstresses who have the highest standard of work ethics. They want their blankets to be the best available in the market, using bamboo materials with the following standards:

  • is hypoallergenic,
  • stretches with your baby or toddler,
  • is breathable,
  • is eco-friendly, and
  • baby or toddler stays warm in winter and cool in summer.

The comparisons between some well-known materials used for baby blankets and other baby clothes are:

Unbleached Organic Cotton:

Cotton is a natural fabric, and unbleached is better for the environment than bleached cotton. Unbleached is also better for baby's skin. Even though organic cotton is good fabric for baby blankets, it doesn't compete with the softness of bamboo baby blankets.


This fabric is also natural, and growing hemp is not harmful to the environment. It is also a good fabric for baby blankets, but not as soft as bamboo fabric.

Bamboo Viscose:

Free Birdees chose this fabric for its bamboo baby blankets. Viscose is made from the cellulose of the bamboo plant. First the bamboo is broken then put into a solution to dissolve. Secondly, it is pressed into fibers then cooled. Finally, the fibers are spun into threads and woven into the bamboo viscose fabric.

There is a small percentage of Lycra in the fabric that allows it to stretch when your baby stretches and moves around. Because of its breathability, body heat is not trapped inside, and your baby is not too hot or too cold. This is why Free Birdees offers the best bamboo baby blankets and the softest toddler blankets in the world!

The following are the many types of bamboo baby blankets to choose from, depending on the age of your baby or toddler, or the way you are using your blanket:

Bamboo Swaddle Blankets

  1. Alpaca Swaddling Blanket
  2. Lambs Swaddling Blanket
  3. Highland Cattle Swaddling Blanket

Unique prints are used to make these bamboo baby blankets that measure 40"x29". They are made with 95% bamboo from viscose and 5% Lycra. Free Birdees uses a superior quality of yarns which helps prevent small balls of thread forming on the blanket, called pilling. The Lycra gives the fabric the stretch needed to swaddle your baby tightly so that he/she is warm and cozy. Surely, if your baby could talk, he/she would be saying, "Mom¸ it is scary being in this open space. Please swaddle me in a Free Birdees bamboo baby blanket, so I will feel safe and secure."

Swaddling babies is usually done for newborns, up to about two or three months of age. The reasons for swaddling babies are:

  • They don't cry as much.
  • They feel like they're close to their mom, and it reminds them of being in 
    their mother's womb. 
  • It helps prevent the strong startle reflex babies experience.
  • It helps prevent them from scratching their faces because many babies have 
    sharp nails.
  • It keeps them in one position, preferably on their backs, which is the 
    more safe position for sleeping.
  • It helps soothe a baby who is colicky.

There are basically four steps to swaddling your baby with bamboo baby blankets:

  1. Lay the blanket down in a diamond shape and fold the top down, then lay your 
    baby on top of the blanket.
  2. Pull either side over your baby and tuck the blanket under baby's opposite 
  3. Pull the bottom part up over your baby and place it behind baby's shoulder.
  4. Pull the other side of the blanket across your baby's chest and tuck it 

Bamboo Toddler Blankets

  1. Cloud Toddler Blanket
  2. Alpaca Toddler Blanket
  3. Plume Toddler Blanket
  4. Highland Cattle Blanket
  5. Sky Toddler Blanket

These toddler blankets measure a little larger at 40"x59". This softest toddler blanket in the world is made of the same bamboo, from viscose and Lycra, as the swaddle blankest and has the same awesome attributes. It is so soft and pleasing to the touch that you will want to snuggle with your toddler as long as possible. You may even end up sleeping in bed with your toddler instead of your husband!

Stroller Blankets

  1. Highland Cattle Ruffle Stroller Blanket
  2. Lambs Ruffle Stroller Blanket
  3. Alpaca Stroller Blanket
  4. Highland Cattle Blanket

The stroller blankets measure 39"x39", and since they are also bamboo baby blankets, and the softest toddler blanket in the world, they are also made of the same unique patterns and greatest quality of materials that Free Birdees is noted for. These blankets have double layers, but still maintain their breathability. Two of the patterns have a ruffled binding that sets them apart. 

These blankets are not only great for your baby or toddler's stroller ride, all tucked in and cozy, but they can be used to cover him/her up in the car when you're out and about. Consequently, he/she will be so comfortable, it's almost guaranteed your baby or toddler will fall asleep, giving you a peace as you drive along. Bamboo stroller blankets may also be tucked around your toddler for his/her nap or night-time sleeping.

Your baby will love his/her blanket so much, it will be trailing along behind him/her throughout their baby years and into their toddler years and will continue to be comforting. For this reason, because the bamboo baby blankets have such longevity, they can be handed down to siblings for them to use and enjoy the same wonderful, soft feeling that their big brother or sister felt.

Free Birdees is always looking for innovative ways of improving and renovating their products. They want your baby/toddler to be comfortable and have the softest toddler blanket in the world. This is why every detail in the bamboo baby blankets, whether it's putting together the blanket or sewing the blanket, is so important. Free Birdees is dedicated to making the bamboo baby blankets the best blanket you will every own for your baby or toddler. They love feedback and new ideas from all moms-to-be and moms so they can make constant updates and improvements to continue the quality blankets they offer.

Free Birdees also loves our planet Earth; therefore, they also want to preserve it. For this reason, every year they give 1 percent of their sales to help 1%ForThePlanet. Free Birdees also partners with EcoEnclose, a company that provides well-made poly-mailers, that can be re-purposed for returning products (Free Birdees hopes never happens) that are made from 100 percent waste, which helps preserve the environment. A double plus is children are taught a lesson about plastic pollution in our world and the benefits of using natural products. 

For all of these reasons, you will want to own Free Birdees bamboo baby blankets, and you will want to tell every other mom about them. Your treasure will not only be your precious baby, but your bamboo baby blanket will be treasured for years to come!