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Children’s Underwear Buying Guide and Tips 2024

As your toddler gets older, children’s underwear will be the next transition you must take. A challenging journey for many, accidents will happen and that is okay! Thankfully, there are many options that are available for your toddler and things that can be done to make the transition easier. In addition, you may not know what kid’s underwear size your toddler is, which is why we have compiled all the tips and tricks to finding that perfect fit. If you want to find the best underwear for kids and learn more about children’s underwear, stick around and find out!

What Makes the Best Children Underwear?

Many factors can affect the quality of children’s underwear, including the material, type, and how it fits. As it is your child’s first time trying on underwear, you want to ensure that you’re receiving the most comfortable and softest children underwear. Also, you may find out that your toddler is not ready for underwear and may want to try another option such as training underwear. Either way, this is a trial and error process, and new experiences always come with accidents!

Ideal Material

Although many people argue that cotton underwear is the best for its softness, breathability, able to wick moisture, and being organic, bamboo is just as good or even better than cotton! The material Free Birdees uses in their toddler underwear, bamboo, has amazing properties such as breathability, absorbency, and being incredibly soft. If your toddler is active 24/7, bamboo offers odor-reducing and is able to take away moisture. Since bamboo is thermal regulating, it will also keep your toddler cool and comfortable all day long. Your toddler’s comfortability will also be extremely important, and children bamboo underwear is able to stretch with your baby, so make sure you keep that in mind when finding a size.

When should toddlers wear underwear 

Before you make the huge leap to kid’s underwear, you want to be sure your toddler is ready for this transition! Usually around ages 2-3 is when your baby starts to wear children’s underwear, or whenever they get rid of the diapers. If you are wondering why your toddler should transition, there are many benefits that come with wearing underwear. This can include protection from bacteria and viruses, prevent touching of genitals frequently, and building a good habit to wear underwear.

What age to Potty Train

Most children start to potty train between 18-24 months old. However, potty training is very personalized, and depending on the baby, it may not start until 3 years old! Therefore, you should not feel the urge to rush, for starting too early could have negative consequences such as making the process last longer. Some good signs your toddler is ready to potty train is when:

  • they are able to walk to and sit on a toilet 

  • stay dry for up to two hours 

  • communicate to you when they need to go 

  • able to pull down their pants and pull them back up 

  • starts to say big boy underwear or big girl underwear 

Children’s Underwear Sizing

As a parent, underwear sizing can be a challenge, and it can be a pain to your child if the sizing is wrong, so we are here to make sure that it will never happen. If it is too large, your toddler will find it inconvenient to move around, and too small will cause them to be uncomfortable. There are many simple and easy ways you can use to find the perfect size underwear for your little one, so don’t get discouraged!

A Typical Size Guide for Children Underwear

To give you a better perspective on where your child’s size is, you can use this underwear size chart to get a reference idea. 


Weight (lbs)

Waist (inches)

















Free Birdees Size Guide

Free Birdees Girl’s Underwear and Boys Boxers designs their underwear to fit True to Size, meaning the average size of children based on their age.  


Free Birdees Sizes based on age currently include:

  • Girls Underwear set of 3 Size 2/3 (Ages 2-3)

  • Girls Underwear set of 3 Size 4/5 (Ages 4-5)

  • Girls Underwear set of 3 Size 6 (Age 6)

  • Girls Underwear set of 3 Size 7/8 (Ages 7-8)

  • Boys Boxers set of 3 Size 2/3 (Ages 2-3)

  • Boys Boxers set of 3 Size 4/5 (Ages 4-5)

  • Boys Boxers set of 3 Size 6 (Age 6)

  • Boys Boxers set of 3 Size 7/8 (Ages 7-8)


In the future, Free Birdees may decide to carry larger sizes. 

Fit tips

Finding the perfect size can be challenging, so here are some easy and simple tips that can save you valuable time and effort. If you haven’t already, check the size chart above, for it will give you a good idea of where your child is. For precautions, you want to make sure the seller you are buying from has a return policy, so in the case that your kid’s underwear doesn’t fit, you are safe. In addition, you want to make sure you are buying from a company that values quality over quantity, and not using cheap materials and faulty labor to cut costs. An awesome clothing brand that prides itself on making the best quality products is Free Birdees, using bamboo viscose to craft their best selling bamboo underwear. They also offer a 30-day free return policy in case something goes wrong. If you are still skeptical of a brand’s authenticity, check the customer reviews to make sure the product is everything you expect.  

How to measure

You want to measure your child’s waist accurately, so you will not find yourself buying the wrong size. Measure at your child’s natural waist or close to their belly button rather than over their pants, and once you get the number, match it with a size on the size chart above. You also want to keep in mind that buying a size slightly bigger makes for the best fit, for it will allow your child to grow into it and not feel so constricted. 

Types and Styles of Underwear

The style of underwear may not seem important, but can play a large factor in the process. Cute and fun designs can encourage your toddler to wear kid’s underwear, and it will only make them look that much more adorable. Also, there are many different types of toddler underwear, whether it is boxers, briefs, or something else, so you want to find the best fit for your little one at home. 

Boy’s Underwear

If you are on the lookout for little boy underpants, look no further, for Free Birdees offers the softest bamboo underwear for youth. With their collection of boy’s boxers, their goal is to create the most comfortable children’s underwear that is great for all activities and sleep time. Selling their boy’s underwear in a bundle of 3, they have created many different custom made designs for every little boy! Some of their best sellers include the Cloud Dinosaur-Rawr, Ocean Blue Sharks, and Atlantic Blue Aviator. Also, they offer older boy underwear, for their size range goes from 2-8 years old. 

Girl’s Underwear

Is your little princess making the brave transition to girl’s underwear? Free Birdees also fabricates the cutest designs for little girls, and are sure to impress anyone in the household. Made with the same quality as the boy’s boxers, their toddler girl underwear are buttery soft and amazing. If your girl favors pink, Cherry Blossom Cranes and Powder Pink Koala will be her favorite! Not a pink-type girl, no problem. The Azure Floral and Pale Orchid Hippos are a must. 

Children’s Underwear alternatives

Do not be worried if children’s underwear is not going well with your little one! There are so many options that can help children transition easier to underwear, and ultimately make your lives much less stressful. Training underwear is a great option that can be worn before the real deal. As it does mimic the real underwear feel, wee wee does not soak up as well with training underwear than diapers. This will teach your little one that staying wet is not a good feeling, and you need to use the bathroom next time. Training underwear can be disposable or reusable, and is a great step towards your kid’s diaper-free life! If training underwear is something your toddler is not interested in, pull ups are another great option. Made to help transition during the potty training phase, it offers great protection and will keep accidents at bay. Similar to diapers, it is made with the same absorbent material. Pull-Ups are definitely more diaper-like, but can make the transition easier for your toddlers. Some pros are that it mimics the “pulling up pants” feeling and can look very adorable, but it can also be costly and ineffective for some. 

Boxers or briefs

This has been a heated debate for many years, some preferring boxers and others briefs. Toddler boy briefs are the most common in children's underwear because they have the most support and freedom. Your child will be able to move and walk more freely, but boxers also provide some benefits as well. They are a more breathable underwear, so your child will be able to stay cool down there. Overall, you can try both and see which one your child prefers, because in the end, it comes down to how comfortable it is for them. 


Finding the best children’s underwear for your little one does not have to be a struggle, for there are many brands, like Free Birdees, who make sure their products are made with the highest qualities. Also many brands offer many services, like free 30 day return, because they know sizing can be extremely difficult online! Bringing a new life to this world is such a hard and daunting task because everything seems so new and foreign, but keep pushing and go get some comfy underwears for your toddler. They will not regret it!