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By what age can a child dress up independently?

Toddlers are fiercely independent. If they scream at you while you try to help them get dressed, don't think you're alone. Children are usually able to get dressed on their own by about three-years-old, but you can start practicing early if they seem interested. They may start by simply pulling on a sock. It won't happen overnight, but you can help your children with age-appropriate ways to get dressed. They may start with shoes and socks around age two and get to buttons and zippers around age six. We have a few great ideas to encourage independent dressing at home.

How to Encourage Children To Dress Independently

It's important to put encouraging children to dress independently at the top of your to-do list. Kids getting dressed on their own leads to boosting confidence levels and gives you a break in the morning. Even when your day is off to a slow start, you can give them the encouragement to put on their clothes by themselves. Even if they walk out with their shirt on backward and pants around their ankles, give them a "thumbs up" because they're trying to be independent. You can show toddlers how to get dressed in a few ways with a big smile so their day is off to a great start.

Easy Access

You can help your kids getting dressed by making it easy to get the clothes themselves. Show them where each article of clothing is, so they can go through it easily. It's sometimes tough and messy for toddlers to make a choice if you have everything in drawers. It's often easier to put clothes in groups in boxes or small organizers. Toddlers love to throw everything on the floor as they get dressed, so encourage them to put everything back in the box or drawer that they don't choose. Toddlers might not be able to fold, but they can help with the organization.

Give Them A Few Fun Choices

Encourage a toddler getting dressed with a few fun choices. At night, it's neat to set out fun patterned pajamas. Pajama sets like ours with firetrucks or pirates are a favorite. You'll watch the toddlers eyes light up as they're excited they chose it on their own and they love the unique print. These are so easy to put on, and they're of super soft bamboo. A child getting dressed will be excited to choose between a few different clothing types. I like to lay out a few different outfits and tell them they get to choose. Their eyes sparkle and they do a little dance as they make the biggest decision of their day. You don't need to overwhelm them with too many choices. Set out a few and let them make the final decision. It's a win for both of you because you didn't have to spend too much time choosing an outfit and they showed off independence by sporting their own decision.

Be Patient

Kids getting dressed often means you standing there like a bomb about to explode as they take their own time. It's one of the most time consuming parts of your day. The thing to remember is that they're learning how to dress themselves. They're trying to make you happy, but they're also trying to just simply get dressed. It's important that you chill out and let them figure it out. Toddlers are usually on their own time anyway! Give them tips on how to get dressed as they twist and tangle in their clothing. Giggle and smile as they try to find their arm holes. Give them grace and be patient letting them figure it out on their own. A toddler getting dressed may set you behind in time, but it's much better than the tantrum they'll throw for even longer when you lose your cool and pull off their clothing as they're trying to figure it out.

Don't Let Your Child Get Too Distracted

One of the best ideas to encourage independent dressing at home is to minimize distractions. A toddler getting dressed loves to get distracted. One minute they're pulling on their pant leg, the next minute they're playing with a toy dinosaur. It's important to turn off all distractions. Don't talk on the phone while they get dressed, turn off the television and radio. They probably want to do anything but get dressed. At night, they'll be ready to brush their teeth and go grab a book. Encourage them gently to put on their clothes first so they won't be distracted by everything else.

Get Dressed With Them

Help your toddler getting dressed by playing "Monkey see, monkey do." All children learn best by following a model. It's a little tough for younger children to figure out a new skill while also processing and following auditory commands. This is where your patience comes in! Stand by their side and show them how to put on a shirt. After you do it, tell them it's their turn. You'll be surprised at how excited they are to do exactly the same thing as you. If you need extra reinforcement and have an older child, have them do the same activity. Kids getting dressed together makes it even more fun.

Explain The Steps In An Easy Way For Them

It's easier for kids getting dressed to follow simple commands instead of throwing a shirt at them and telling them to figure it out. Show them step-by-step while also talking them through it. Give them the shirt and sing a song about putting it over their head. Help them figure out the front from the back on all of their items. Toddlers getting dressed love to find the tags. Help them remember the easiest ways to put on each item by talking or singing them through each step. This helps you teach and helps toddlers learn in a fun way.

Choose Super Soft Clothes

Rigid clothing is annoying to toddlers. A child getting dressed will love the comfort of a super soft t-shirt and pants. The softest baby clothes are the best for everyday living. Whether they're going to preschool or hanging out at home all day, soft matters. It will help give them a pleasant process as they pull on their clothing. There isn't much cuter than a toddler getting dressed with a big smile on their face as they enjoy the comfort and movement provided by soft clothing.

Get A Big Mirror

A big mirror is key so toddlers and kids getting dressed can check themselves out. They get to double-check to see if they have any clothing twisted or on backward. Your job is to encourage them and tell them how great they look. Even if they picked out a crazy outfit, boost their confidence by telling them they did an amazing job. Toddlers love to do funny faces and watch themselves in the mirror. This just gives them an extra special thing to do in the mirror.

Get A Doll To Show Toddlers How It Gets Done

One easy way of how to encourage toddlers to dress independently is to show them with a model. Sometimes it's easier to show toddlers how to get dressed with someone more their size. Go step-by-step with each item of clothing. After you pull on the shirt, tell them it's their turn to try the same thing. A doll is like a little person to them. Toddlers often treat their dolls as their own baby, so it'll be fun to watch them get dressed just like when you help them get dressed. Toddlers will get excited to get dressed alongside their doll.

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