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Best Swaddles of 2024 Only at Free Birdees

You love your baby. You would hold your little one all the time if you could, but that is simply not possible. Therefore, when it is time to put your baby down, be sure to do it right. Do it in a swaddle.

Understanding the Psychology of Swaddling

Swaddling is a traditional practice recognized around the world. The reason for its popularity can be linked to its success. In other words, people have been swaddling their babies for centuries because it works. Consider the psychology of infants. Newborn babies have spent months in the womb. There is no place for babies to sprawl out there. It feels safe and comfortable. After birth, the world is vast and unknown. While this is exciting for a baby, it can be overstimulating. This is why babies startle as they fall asleep. They are not used to so much space, and it continues to be a mental shock. Swaddling creates a snug cocoon around your baby. It recreates the feeling of safety that exists inside the womb. Therefore, swaddled babies tend to sleep longer and more soundly. Clearly, it is easy to see why a swaddle wrap for newborn babies is essential. However, before you figure out how to swaddle a baby, you should determine which swaddle is best. As you think about baby swaddle blankets, here are the criteria you need to remember.

Look at Baby Swaddle Blankets for Easy Usage

Not all swaddles are made the same. Traditional swaddling involves carefully wrapping your baby in a blanket. However, some modern swaddles use velcro or zippers. This makes it easier to keep your baby in, but these swaddles may not be as cozy. They could also be harder to get off for late-night diaper changes. Accordingly, many people still prefer blankets. With a blanket, you have to learn how to swaddle a baby. However, these blankets are versatile and provide a snuggly fit. These traditional swaddles still produce the best results for your little one.

Consider the Best Swaddle for Newborn Babies Based on Size

Babies grow quickly. Your swaddle needs to accommodate that growth. If you are shopping for a swaddle with velcro or zippers, look at the sizing of the product. It should indicate the intended ages and include a recommended length and weight. Another option is a transition swaddle. These swaddles are for older babies who are transitioning to a more mature sleep cycle. The best transition swaddle is easy to get on and off. Because these babies can get quite wriggly, the best transition swaddle also needs to be secure. Alternatively, swaddle blankets are not sized. How big is a baby swaddle blanket? The answer is up to you. Some swaddling techniques use more of the blanket and require more turns. Other techniques are more spartan with minimal tucks and folds. If you choose a larger swaddle blanket, it is versatile enough to grow with your baby.

The Best Swaddle Wrap for Newborn Babies Should Have Quality Fabric

You want the best for your children. This is true for the food they eat, the nursery they sleep in and the toys in their toybox. This also applies to the fabric of your swaddle. Initially, as you consider quality, think in terms of texture. Your baby has delicate skin. It is natural parental instinct to gravitate toward the softest baby swaddle. Because babies sleep with swaddles, the texture is even more important. Next, look at the composition of the fabric. In many cases, the softest baby swaddle will be made from natural fibers. Natural fibers are less abrasive. Some natural fibers are organic. Organic fibers provide even more protection for your baby and the planet. Many people recognize cotton as a reliable natural fiber. However, if you want the best for your baby, there is bamboo. Bamboo is softer, more absorbent, stronger and has a minimized environmental impact. In the end, when you want the best swaddle for newborn babies, you want bamboo blankets. There is no fabric safer. There is also no fabric softer. You will never go wrong with bamboo.

Quantity Is Important When Shopping for Swaddles

New parents are often overwhelmed by the amount of stuff a baby needs. New parents need stacks of diapers, a stockpile of bibs and onesies galore. You will also ask yourself, "How many swaddle blankets do I need for baby?" Here is what you should consider. Babies sleep in swaddles. As babies lay down, they tend to spit up or go to the bathroom. In other words, the swaddle is at risk of getting dirty. You could go through multiple swaddles a day and even more at night. Plus, think about convenience. You do not want to be searching for a swaddle on demand. Instead, you want a supply in the nursery. You should have some in the main living area. Keeping more on hand for the diaper bag is also advisable. Besides, blanket swaddles are versatile. They can be used for burp cloths and floor coverings in a pinch. In short, you cannot have too many.

Have Fun with Baby Girl and Baby Boy Swaddle Blankets

The last thing to consider when looking at swaddles is color and print. Baby stuff is supposed to be cute. You only get the infant years once. Therefore, have fun! First, you can look at gendered swaddles. There are baby girl swaddle blankets and baby boy swaddle blankets. Baby girl swaddle blankets can be adorned in anything from delicate blooms to adorable koalas. Swaddles for baby boys may feature blue sharks or grizzly bears. These fun prints allow you to create a custom look. There are also unisex swaddling blankets. These styles feature solid colors, simple stripes and baby-friendly themes. The great thing about unisex swaddles is that they can be passed from one baby to the next. Also, if you are shopping for a baby shower, you may not always know the gender. There are plenty of cute swaddling blankets that work for any baby.

Finding the Best Swaddle for Your Little One in 2021

The criteria can seem overwhelming, but your answer is simple. For the best swaddle in 2021, you just need Free Birdees. First, Free Birdees swaddles are made from bamboo. This natural fiber is exceptionally soft, and it will not irritate your baby's skin. Cotton and synthetic fibers cannot compete. Additionally, Free Birdees bamboo is high quality to minimize pilling and wear. Second, look at the size of Free Birdees swaddles. Most swaddles from Free Birdees are 40 inches by 29 inches. This can accommodate your growing baby. With this much area, you can comfortably and securely swaddle your child. Third, the swaddles are really cute. This may be a matter of personal preference, but the swaddle collections are varied to appeal to a range of parents. Some are simple with solid colors or stripes. Many others use whimsical animals to create a cheery look. In order to fully stock up, you can mix and match a variety of Free Birdees swaddles. In the end, these swaddles tick all the boxes. However, the thing that really matters is that they will be the perfect match for your perfect little one.