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Best Pajamas for Thanksgiving

Where can you find the best Pajamas for Thanksgiving? And who said matching family PJs is a Christmas tradition? There are so many creative family Thanksgiving pajamas that are sure to impress your friends and family! In addition, something about matching family pajamas is nostalgic for many people and should not be designated for one single day. Especially on the major holidays, dressing up together can be a great tradition to start, and have fun while doing so! That’s why, for this upcoming fall season, you may want to think about thanksgiving pajamas for the whole family, and maybe one for the dog as well! There are so many great places to purchase your Thanksgiving pajamas, including Free Birdees which sells the softest bamboo pajamas and clothing for infants and toddlers!

Matching Family Thanksgiving Pajamas

For Thanksgiving, this year, try something new and match your family’s outfits together! Not many people realize you can have family Thanksgiving pajamas, but it is something you should definitely try! From plaid to creative designs, you can find matching pajamas that are perfect for the fall and Thanksgiving festivities!

Flannel plaid

The classic plaid design radiates fall energy, and makes you feel cozy and comfy! Plaid pajamas can be great for Thanksgiving, especially the classic black and red, for it goes well with the Thanksgiving color scheme, generally dark subtle colors. Thanksgiving is also a time to cherish your family and enjoy the break, and plaid is able to create the hominess and warmth everyone needs! Having the whole family wear plaid pajamas can be very redundant, so a great idea is having half the family wear plaid, and the other wears contrasting colors like white with a holiday print on it!

Keep it simple

As many say, simplicity is the key to success! An easy idea for Thanksgiving pajamas is wearing fall-themed solid colors! To make it interesting, have your whole family choose their own color, and switch up the type of clothing. As it can be very boring to see a monochromatic color scheme on long-sleeve/long pants, switch it up with a blouse or comfortable pair of t-shirts. Be as creative as possible, but don’t forget that you don’t need to work hard to achieve adorable Thanksgiving pajamas toddler.

Holiday Prints

No one said that the holidays are reserved for Christmas, so show your festive spirit during Thanksgiving and put on some adorable Turkey Day Pajamas. With anything, let your creative juices flow and create the best Thanksgiving PJs you can find! Some adorable holiday prints for Thanksgiving can include a holiday sweater (stay away from bright colors!), plaid dress, and favorite holiday characters. Free Birdees, an eco-friendly brand that creates bamboo clothing, comes out with their exclusive reindeer print PJs every holiday season for the whole family to enjoy! Great post-Thanksgiving pajamas, they are extremely soft and perfect for the holiday season!

Materials for Matching Thanksgiving Pajamas

When Thanksgiving comes around, it usually means calm, cool breezes and warm temperatures, so having PJs that are comfortable and keep you happy are a necessity. Also, Thanksgiving dinner can take a toll on your body, so jammies that can stretch with your body and not feel so constricting are super important for having the best Turkey Day possible!

Bamboo Pajamas

You may have never heard of bamboo pajamas, but as the world is becoming more eco-friendly, they are gaining popularity in many households. What makes them so unique and awesome is their benefits, for they have natural breathability (you will stay cool in the heat and toasty in the cold), and they stretch with your body, so you can still feel good after that scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner. Making sure you get breathable pajamas are also a must for comfort to allow your body to feel free and cool. And the best of all, bamboo viscose does one of the best jobs at it. Bamboo PJs have the perfect amount of soft and stretch to it to take you to heaven. In addition, Free Birdees is an amazing bamboo brand that has mastered their craft and specializes in anything bamboo. Aside from their premium quality in their products, they also offer adorable prints like their best selling Inspiration Collection prints to keep you cozy and cute. So the next time you need a pair of Thanksgiving pajamas, Free Birdees will always be ready with their bamboo clothing and free shipping of course!

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Cotton Pajamas

If the weather is on the warmer side during Thanksgiving, cotton may be the best for your Thanksgiving pajamas baby. When you are celebrating with everyone, you stay both inside and outside, so wearing something that will help control the heat and weather is crucial to having a great time at Thanksgiving. Cotton is breathable, just like bamboo, and is also very durable. Therefore, you do not need to worry about buying a new pair of boy or girl Thanksgiving pajamas every year, unless they grow out of it because we all know they grow so fast!

Wool Pajamas

Since Fall is geared towards the cooler temperatures, wool may be the best material if you live in a place that experiences New York-type weather. For babies or infants, we all know they are sensitive to the cold, so keeping them safe is imperative. This is why wool is a popular choice for the cold, for its fibers form barriers to keep the cold air out and warm air in. Furthemore, wool is able to retain its shape after a wash and is difficult to wrinkle, making it great for baby PJ’s or your kids! And just in case your wool PJs light on fire for some ridiculous reason, wool is fire resistant and can reduce or subdue the fire’s intensity.

How to Dress during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time where your fashion may outweigh comfortability, but we highly advise you to take note of some of these tips to avoid complications on that day. Many people may make these mistakes on a daily basis, but there are some things that should never be worn on Thanksgiving day. To save yourself that time with the stain, here are 5 tips you should remember for the upcoming fall season. Keep in mind that some of these tips may pertain to Thanksgiving pajamas adults or baby pajamas, as it is a list of what to wear on Thanksgiving day!
  1. No silk or Satin! These luxurious materials are without a doubt gorgeous to wear, but unfortunately, not the most stain friendly. While at Thanksgiving, you would not want to risk ruining one of your favorite pieces, and the chance of it happening is fairly likely. Silk and satin are also not washer friendly, so choosing something that can be thrown into the washer post-Thanksgiving is something you should keep in mind.
  2. Sleeves you can roll up The last thing you want is to encounter a problem with the last thing you could imagine, your sleeves! Some of your chic outfits were not made for eating and cooking, which means they should not be worn during a Thanksgiving party. Avoid bell sleeves and go for something you can easily roll up,
  3. Make sure to wear layers You never know what you may encounter when you go to someone’s house during Thanksgiving, and having a flexible outfit where you can add and take off cloth is ideal! Since many people like to keep their homes toasty during the fall time, you do not want to be stuck wearing the same thick sweater the whole time you are there. The best is to have layers of clothing (3 is fine!) where you are able to control your own comfortability.
  4. Dark colors Although Thanksgiving is a time to wear warm, fall colors, it may be a good idea to skip the lighter colors for the sake of those impossible to wash stains. As Thanksgiving is the perfect time for wine, that means stains are very much common. Do yourself a favor and work around outfits that are darker colored to save on a beautiful piece of clothing.
  5. Comfortable Jeans Jeans are perfect for the fall festivities and will keep you warm in the winter temperatures. However, stay clear from the rigid, tight jeans during Thanksgiving. Trust me, your body will thank you! Instead, put on a pair of jeans that are able to stretch and not skin tight.


Hopefully, during this fall season, you have taken some inspiration and are able to create some phenomenal family Thanksgiving pajamas that are comfortable and practical! There’s no reason why family matching PJs should be saved for Christmas, so why not start a month early and already get in the festive mood. There are so many things you can do during Thanksgiving, and the options are endless. So make sure to grab your pumpkin spice lattes, put on your soft pajamas, and spend time with your family!