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Best Infant Car Seats Blanket for 2021

As winter is rolling around the corner, it may be a good idea to start researching on the best infant car seats blanket. Without being in the comfort of your cozy, warm home, your car can become freezing in an instant. This is why having something to bundle up your newborn in is very important, and things like a big coat should be steered away from. Although it may make them keep warm, they will not be comfortable in a bulky coat while in their car seat, and it can pose as a safety hazard as well. Do not worry though, there are countless options for car seat blankets, and even more alternatives that work as well! So buckle up (hopefully in their new car seat blanket!), and learn something new in this car seat blanket safety guide.

What is a Car Seat Blanket

You may have never heard of a car seat blanket or thought this product could exist, but it does! A car seat blanket acts like any regular blankets with a few extra benefits, like the ability to shield your child from the harmful rays of the sun. Car seat blankets are super easy to install onto the car seat and remove for travel. There are also many different styles that have their own unique benefits which you can choose from so you can make car time into fun time! Here are some of the best car seat blankets available right now.

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Acrabros Stretchy Baby Car Seat Covers

It looks like a cover, but does the job of a regular blanket. Its design makes it super easy to slip onto any car seat and makes sure it is tight and secure to ensure your baby will be safe at all times. Another bonus is that you can toss it into the washer for every time your baby makes an accident on it, because we all know how messy toddlers can be! The zippers on the front also protect your baby from the harsh weathers mother nature throws at us, like wind and dust. There is also no back to the cover, which makes it safer for your baby so you don’t have to worry about anything when your baby is in the car.

Kids N’ Such 2 in 1 Carseat Canopy

This infant blanket will turn any boring road trip into something your kids will look forward to every time! Their blanket features a peek-a-boo feature, which is two blankets that can be connected or disconnected to cover or uncover your baby. This makes for a fun game to get your excitement and adrenaline up because I know how boring it can get being stuck in a car for hours on end. When the blanket is covered, it can help shield your baby from the sun and help them sleep better with more privacy. The blanket can also be removed from the car seat and provide privacy when breastfeeding in the car. This blanket is safe, convenient, and most importantly, fun for the whole family.

Cool Beans Stretchy Baby Car Seat

A simple life can be the best way to enjoy a happy and healthy life with your loved ones, so these bamboo baby blankets will be a perfect addition to your baby’s collection. With an adorable design and a bonus matching beanie and bag, this car seat blanket will get the job done and make sure your toddler will be photo ready at any time! In addition, these baby blankets come in multiple colors and designs, so there is one for everyone! There are also cool hidden features with this car seat blanket because it can double as a high chair and shopping cart cover to make sure you get the most use out of your purchase.

How to Stay Safe with a Car Seat Blanket

Whenever your baby is in the car, safety should always be a concern, as you are not watching your baby 24/7. This includes what accessories they may have near them, and a car seat blanket is most definitely one of them. When used improperly, it can be a hazard towards children, and a larger hazard if something detrimental like an accident occurs. This is why it is important to educate yourself on car seat safety guides and what precautions you need and should take every time your baby enters the car.

Use a blanket over the straps

When you have any covering around your baby, it should always be over the straps instead of under or behind them. This is so the straps are securely snug on their body, and there is not extra space. When a blanket is in their straps, it causes added space that can be a huge hazard if a quick stop were to occur, or a car accident where your baby could lurch too far forward due to the additional space.

Never cover your baby’s face

As it may sound like common knowledge, you should never cover your baby’s face on any occasion, and that includes in the car with a blanket. Your baby can not only freak out and start heavy breathing leading to a shortage of breath, but they can also lose air when trapped in a blanket underneath them. Remember that you should be able to see your baby’s adorable face, and there should be no reason to hide it! Afraid that your baby’s head will get cold? There are many solutions to that, including an adorable hat, hoodie, or simply turning up the heat in the car.

No layers under the baby

Whenever your baby is in the car seat, there should be nothing between your baby’s body and the car seat. This is so when an accident occurs, there will be no extra space that can make them get loose and out of their car seat. Want to test if the coat of blanket you are using is safe under your baby’s harness? Use the pinch test. Buckle your baby in their coat or blanket, then remove the covering but do not adjust the buckle straps. Once your baby has no coat or blanket, rebuckle them and see how much space they have. You will see that the straps are loose on their body, which means it is not safe for them to have a coat or blanket within the straps. This is why all covering should remain over the straps!

Dress thin layers

With thin layers, there is always room to add, but thick layers make it so you cannot remove anything if it gets too hot. Child or not, we have all been in situations where we have worn too much, and there is no way to strip down unless you want to go full unclothed! Avoid this with your child as well, make sure to dress them with skin tight clothing such as leggings, and you can add a light jacket if you want. Don’t forget the socks, hate, and mittens if needed!

No thick coat while strapped in

As we have talked about this throughout the whole car seat safety guide, thick coats are a huge safety hazard if used while strapped in. The problem with a thick coat is that it creates extra layers between your baby, and they can get ejected out if a sudden stop or hard crash occurs. Scary right? According to the experts, if you are able to squeeze more than two fingers in between the straps, it is too loose. This is why before strapping them in, make it a habit to take off their coat to prevent any accidents to occur! This is why a car seat blanket will be needed, as it will still keep your baby toasty warm without the fear of your baby not being securely strapped. It also is way more comfortable!

What blanket alternatives can you use?

We know everyone may not want to go out of their way to spend more money on another baby product because some may feel the added benefits of a car seat blanket is not worth the extra time and money, which is totally okay because there are many great alternatives! If you get the right type of blanket, it can work just as well as any other car seat blanket you may buy.

Stroller Blanket

This type of blanket is designed for outdoor uses and is super versatile, so it can be used for many different occasions. A stroller blanket is unique to other blankets because of its double layer, which adds more weight to the blanket so the blanket will not slip off mid-ride and it will help with taking naps. In addition, bamboo baby blankets are the perfect material for outdoor uses because of its breathable and cozy touch it gives to your toddler. A baby boutique that sells the best bamboo infant blankets is Free Birdees, who prides themselves in crafting the best toddler blankets. They sell many types of bamboo baby blankets, but their best seller is their stroller blankets, which comes in more than a dozen unique prints to cater to everyone’s preferences and styles!

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Wear Coat backwards

In a rush and did not have time to bring a blanket or simply do not have one? A great alternative if you have a coat is to wear it backwards! When your kid is strapped in, simply put the coat on arms first, and they will be as warm as having the coat on the right way! However, they may not be the most comfortable, so this shouldn’t be used for long road trips, and instead, something more comfortable such as a blanket!

Car Seat Poncho

The ultimate definition of comfortability, a car seat poncho is something everyone needs and deserves! Exactly how the name sounds, it is a huge blanket with space at the top for one’s head, just how a poncho works. It is great for two reasons, one it is ultra soft, and two, it is safe for the car! It goes over the seatbelt, which means there won’t be added space between your child and the belt, making it so if an accident occurs, your child will remain safe. Once you see how this blanket poncho looks and you will be hooked on buying one for yourself!


The safety and comfort of your baby should always be number 1, so ensuring your baby stays safe in the car as well is just as important. Breathable car seat blankets are a great way to make sure your baby stays safe and comfortable whenever they are in a car, but we know not everyone may not want to purchase a product that can be mimicked with a common household item. Some benefits of a car seat blanket cannot be replicated by normal newborn blankets, but blankets like a stroller blanket or toddler blankets that you most likely already have at home can get the job done as well, so it’s yours to decide!