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Best Baby Clothes for 2024 every mom should own

One of the best and most fun parts of being a mom is dressing your little ones in the best baby clothes and accessories! Baby clothing styles are always changing and with the new year, comes new trends in infant and toddler outfits. Whether you are looking to gift a new mother with adorable infant clothes and super soft newborn clothes or looking to add high quality cute newborn clothes to your baby registry or update your child's closet with the best baby outfits, Free Birdees is your one-stop-shop for the best baby clothes! Read further to learn about the most adorable, highest quality eco-friendly, trendiest, and best bamboo baby clothes for your baby for 2021!


Best Baby Footies and Coveralls

Footies and coveralls make the best newborn clothes and the best baby outfits! Their versatility is why they are some of our best selling baby clothes. Having one piece baby clothes makes it easy to get your infant or toddler dressed and ready for the day or night, as footies and coveralls can be used for sleep and play! Footies and coveralls also make it easy to dress and undress your baby for diaper changes, making them amazing options for the best newborn clothes. They are especially great for moms with squirmy infants or toddlers. Free Birdees footies and coveralls also come with anti-skid foot pads so your baby can wear them well into their skipping, walking, jumping, and hopping stages! If your baby prefers to have their adorable feet uncovered, Free Birdees coveralls come without feet so your baby can wiggle their cute little toes freely! The breathable bamboo viscose fabric ensures that the Free Birdees coveralls are some of the best baby clothes for summer. Free Birdees easy on and off one of a kind designs makes one-piece bamboo baby clothes some of the nicest baby clothes a mom can have for their little ones. Having multiple uses makes footies and coveralls some of the best baby outfits and bamboo baby clothes you can have for your infant or toddler.

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Best Pajamas

When it is time to settle your infant or toddler for bedtime you want them to be cozy and comfortable in the most adorable and softest baby pajamas. Free Birdees pajama sets are made with the softest bamboo viscose fabric which means they are breathable in warm weather and keep your baby or toddler cozy when the air gets cooler. Free Birdees pajama sets also come in short or long sleeve options making them the best baby clothes for summer or winter. If you are looking for super soft newborn clothes, the two-piece Free Birdee pajama sets are a great option as they offer diaper changing ease! Free Birdee pajamas also come in a variety of fun colors, patterns, and prints that can be mixed and matched for infinite options. With our vast collection, you can see why our Free Birdees pajama sets are some of the most adorable best-selling baby clothes!

Best Rompers

Free Birdees baby rompers are made from soft and breathable bamboo viscose fabric making them the best newborn baby clothes and the best baby clothes for the summer! Our one piece baby clothes make the best baby outfits, perfect for every stage from infant to toddler. Rompers are some of the nicest baby clothes because they can be worn anywhere and Free Birdees rompers are the best baby outfits that come in colorful prints that your infant or toddler may not want to take off! With our large variety of patterns and prints, you are sure to find the perfect romper for any occasion. Rompers also make the best newborn clothes as you can easily take them off for diaper and clothing changes. Every mom wants their brand new infant to be snuggly and comfortable so these super soft newborn clothes are perfect for little ones. Infant and toddler clothing should be simple and easy to take on and off so Free Birdees bamboo viscose rompers are the nicest baby clothes you can have in your child's closet. If you are looking for cute newborn clothes, adorable infant clothes, or more one piece baby clothes to add to your infant or toddler's wardrobe, Free Birdees bamboo viscose rompers are every mom's number one choice for the best baby clothes for summer.

Best Swaddling Blankets

Free Birdees swaddling blankets can be used at any age from newborn to toddler. Swaddling blankets are some of the best baby clothes because they have multiple uses. You can use them to swaddle your baby in the softest bamboo viscose fabric for naps and bedtime, as a car seat cover to protect them from the sun, or as a soft place to lay during tummy time. Swaddling blankets also make some of the best newborn baby clothes because they are so simple to use. Free Birdees swaddling blankets come in a single layer of soft bamboo fabric with the perfect amount of stretch to keep your infant cozy, snuggly, and comfortable. Our amazingly soft swaddling blankets are, made to be used anywhere and everywhere, come in one of a kind colorful designs, made from the softest and bamboo fabric that resists wear and tear, making them a must-have item for Moms everywhere.

Best Toddler Blankets

Our oversized toddler blankets are so warm and cozy that you might just want to buy one for yourself! These blankets are made of the softest and most breathable bamboo fabric, your toddler is sure to remain snuggly and comfortable underneath our adorable blankets. Your infant or toddler will want to use them all year round! They are the perfect size for a tea party picnic blanket, or to snuggle with during nap time. Free Birdees blankets come in one-of-a-kind patterns, all designed in house, from cherry blossom cranes to blue lagoon rhinos. With such a vast variety of designs, patterns, and colors, you are sure to find the perfect blanket for your little one. Free Birdees blankets are made with stretchy high-quality bamboo material that can withstand all sorts of wear and tear to ensure that your baby will enjoy them for a long time. Because they are multipurpose swaddle and toddler blankets make the perfect gift for any new mom. Free Birdees blankets are so cute and versatile, you may even decide to purchase one for every member of the family!

Best Baby Hair Bows

Our baby hair bows are the perfect accessory to compliment Free Birdees best baby outfits. Our stylish hair bows are designed to fit infants and toddlers of all ages! Free Birdees hair bows aren't just lovely, but functional and practical as well. They are designed to stay put and keep your baby’s hair in place and out of the way. They are also perfect when you just need that charming final touch for your baby's outfit. Free Birdees fashionable hair bows are made from the same eco-friendly bamboo fabric as our best selling baby clothes, so they are just as breathable, comfy, and perfectly stretchy. The comfortable fit ensures your baby will not want to fuss and pull at their hair bow. Our extensive and stylish hair bow collection comes in multiple sizes and we have the sweetest prints, styles, and colors, so you are sure to find the perfect bow to match all of Free Birdees cute newborn clothes and adorable infant clothes.

Best Underwear and Boxers

For older toddlers and kids, Free Birdees also makes soft, stretchy, girl underwear, and boys boxers. Made of the same viscose fiber as our bamboo baby clothes Free Birdees underwear and boxers are designed to be comfortable, moisture-wicking, and machine washable, ensuring an easy transition from diapers. Our true to size unique colorful designs and prints will make it so much fun for your toddler to pick out their own underwear and boxers. With everything from powder pink koalas to ocean blue sharks, your child is sure to find something they love. You will love that our underwear and boxers come in a variety of styles, sizes, and cuts, so you can find the perfect pair for your newly potty trained diaper graduate. Potty training can be a challenge, so making it fun for your baby with fun and entertaining underwear or boxers can help ease the transition from diapers to big kid underwear and boxers!

Why Free Birdees

Free Birdees has the best selling baby clothes for multiple reasons! Firstly, at Free Birdees, we are dedicated to quality, excellence, and customer service. We use the finest materials and workmanship to ensure that we are and remain the best in the market. Secondly, we want to ensure that every mom has access to the best newborn baby clothes, the most adorable infant clothes, and the nicest baby clothes for their child. Finally, we know that clothes should be functional andfun! Our one of a kind patterns, all designed in house, are stylish and right on-trend. We even have special holiday-themed outfits and accessories, perfect for family photoshoots. Our bamboo viscose fabric is soft, stretchy, breathable, comfortable, and designed to move with your child, whether they are just learning to roll over or already running around the playground. Our baby clothing sizes range from newborn to 24 months, plus toddler and kids' sizes up to 10 years, and our clothing and accessories are designed to last so they can be passed down and loved by every sibling or family member. Free Birdees bamboo clothes and accessories are sure to delight every mom and baby so check out Free Birdees to make sure you, and the other moms in your life, have the latest and greatest for 2021!