Why Baby Clothes Made from Bamboo Viscose might be the perfect fabric for your baby boy or baby girl? - Free Birdees

Why Baby Clothes Made from Bamboo Viscose might be the perfect fabric for your baby boy or baby girl?

Bamboo Viscose Baby and Infant Clothing

Bamboo Baby and Infant Clothing

Bamboo baby clothes are becoming more and more popular these days for many reasons including its eco-friendliness. With global warming rising, a little bit more plants in our life won’t hurt. Not only will you be making an effort to combat this emerging issue, but your baby will also be snugged in the softest material mother nature has to offer. The bamboo viscose material Free Birdees incorporates in all their bamboo sleepwear makes for the perfect amount of stretch and flexibility, so your little baby will be able to roam freely with no restrictions or difficulties. With so many secrets bamboo holds, here are the top reasons that makes bamboo viscose such an amazing and eco friendly material! 

Bamboo Fabric

If you thought trees were amazing, wait until you hear the mind blowing properties of bamboo! Unlike other plants, bamboo is very unique, for it grows rapidly and replaces itself quickly. The fastest growing plant on Earth, it only takes 3-4 years to go from seed to harvest, and it has interconnected roots, or an expansive root network. This means that when a bamboo stalk is chopped off, it can just regrow itself without being replanted. Crazy right? This root structure helps prevent soil erosion, and bamboo is also a great solution towards global warming. Absorbing five times more carbon and producing up to 35% more oxygen than a similar group of trees, it is crystal clear that bamboo is an essential for the environment. 

Bamboo is also great, for it does not need pesticides to thrive. With cotton, many farmers use pesticides to combat the insects and disease that can easily infiltrate this crop. However, bamboo has this magical agent known as “bamboo kun”. Kun is able to keep the bamboo pesticide free and healthy, while still transferring some of its properties to the bamboo viscose fabric. This can include the fabric being gentle on sensitive skin and being hypoallergenic, something that can benefit all ages!

Bamboo  Baby Sleepwear

But wait, there’s more benefits of bamboo! Bamboo is also known for being a low-water crop, meaning it needs very little water compared to other textile crops such as cotton. With this, bamboo viscose fabric is highly absorbent and is able to wick away any moisture on your skin. Therefore, many people find this property amazing for sleepwear or playing/running around! It can regulate your body temperature, ensuring a good and comfortable night’s rest, and making sure your baby will be sound asleep for the whole night. I don’t know about you, but having a greater chance that your little one will sleep through the night sounds like a win for both you and your baby! 

Dinosaur toddler Pajamas


Free Birdees also prides itself with style and fashion, making sure that your baby not only feels good, but looks amazing. They constantly keep releasing new cute and adorable prints that keep up with the trends and popular demands. The Powder Pink Koala print brings awareness to the fires in Australia where millions of Koalas lost their homes and lives due to it. And the Cloud Dinosaurs-Rawr is their newest print that roams through your eyes and melts your hearts. With all these cute and fashionable prints to match with your bamboo pajamas, no one will second guess your sense of style ever again!