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 Baby and Toddler Boys Fire Truck Bamboo Pajamas

Adding to their collection, Free Birdees have just introduced their new Fire Truck Pajamas print available in all their products! Their new print is all about red fire trucks and dalmatian puppies, which is perfect for all boys and girls aspiring to follow in our brave firemen footsteps. With their newly introduced Fire Truck Bamboo Pajama Set, your little baby will feel just like their heroes making our communities safer everyday! In addition, they are perfect for any upcoming party or baby shower, a gift every mom and dad will love. Don’t wait too long to purchase fire truck pajamas, for the holidays are nearing which means things might go out of stock!

Inspiration For Our Fire Truck Print

The latest collection from Free Birdees, it has the perfect blend of fire trucks and dalmation puppies to create an amazing firefighter inspired piece! The base color being cinder (a light grey), it perfectly contrasts the bright red colors making the red pop. Free Birdees has always wanted to make children inspired by what they wear, and finally came out with a fire truck print that can reflect on your child’s interests and aspirations in life. Our firefighters who risk their lives every single day deserve more recognition, and what better way to support them through your clothing. And for all the parents out there in the fire department, this collection is for you!

Fire Truck Print Collection

You may be asking yourself where to buy Free Birdees brand new Fire Truck print, so here are some of our favorite products from Free Birdees with this adorable print. They have many products that carry their new Fire Truck print, so we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of them!

Fire Truck Pajamas

Pajamas mark the first step in your baby’s growth towards being a full grown kid, so it is crucial you get them a pair of PJs they love. That is why Free Birdees Fire Truck Pajamas are perfect for your boy or girl! Pajamas are great for any occasion and can be worn all day long. Since Free Birdees’ PJs are crafted with bamboo viscose, they are designed to keep your baby warm during the cold and cool when the weather starts to turn up. Not only that, bamboo offers an abundance of additional benefits, being eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, breathable, and stretchy optimizing for the best fit! Also, their PJs are a 2-piece, which allows for easy and quick diaper changes so you can keep going with your day. Free Birdees Fire Truck bamboo pajama set can also be mixed and matched with other prints, making it super customizable and allowing your creativity to blossom.

Fire Truck Rompers

Getting your baby a pair of Fire Truck Rompers will make for the perfect daywear so they can enjoy each day to its fullest. Rompers are great for toddlers because they are designed to make your life easier and less stressful. Free Birdees Fire Truck Rompers have snaps on the shoulders for quick changes and use viscose bamboo, which is super stretchy so it can be slipped on with ease. A romper is also a 1-piece, so that means easy washing. With multiple pieces, things can become messy and it can be hard to find the things that match if you are unorganized, so having a romper will make it much easier to be organized and clean. Furthermore, rompers will stretch with your baby as it grows and develops, so you will save lots of time and money too!

Fire Truck Underwear/Boxers

How common is it to see your baby run in their underwear all day long? In my household, it is extremely common, which is why getting insanely adorable undies is a must. If you live somewhere that gets hot, you will know how hot the house can get even with some air conditioning, so wearing no shirt and pants can be a relief to your baby. With only a pair of underwear on, it is crucial you purchase them cute and adorable ones because that is all they will be wearing. We know you don’t want to be looking at an ugly pair for the whole day, so Free Birdees Fire Truck Underwear or Boys Fire Truck Boxers will save your eyes! In addition, their underwear keeps your baby warm and is flexible to make sure they can move freely with ease.

Fire Truck Blankets

Blankets are great to add on to your Fire Truck Pajamas because they add extra warmth and comfort. When the cold days arrive, even the afternoons are chilly, so having some Fire Truck Blankets to bundle up with will be a life saver. Free Birdees offers many types of viscose bamboo blankets that all have their own benefits, so for at home use, we recommend their toddler blankets or swaddle blankets. Both of these blankets come in their Fire Truck print, but there are some differences in them. For one, a toddler blanket is much bigger than a swaddle blanket, so it is perfect for the whole family to use. There is also an extra layer to keep your baby extra warm and cozy. A swaddle blanket is perfect for toddlers to be wrapped in because it is breathable and gentle on their skin. Furthermore, it has the perfect amount of stretch to make sure your baby is snug and cozy while resting.

Fire Truck Footie Pajamas

Another amazing piece that is included in Free Birdees’ Fire Truck collection, their bamboo footies are sure to keep your toddler warm and comfy! A one piece with long sleeves and pants, the name footies come from the foot pads that are included. Free Birdees foot pads are anti-skid, meaning there will not be any slips or falls on floors! What’s great about footies is how it can be great for playtime indoors, or a cozy outfit to wear at night. Their footies also have a zip across the middle for easy diaper and cloth changes, and all their products use no harsh flame-resistant chemicals. So you can ditch the indoor shoes and opt for a pair of footies. Especially when winter is coming, socks can be annoying to put on and also pose as a slip hazard, which is why footies are the way to go. Either way, your baby’s feet will be protected, and they will look blazin in their new Fire Truck Footies!

Fire Truck Jammie Gifts

Jammies are always the best gift to give to any mom, and for good reason. It is so versatile, being amazing for sleepwear (obviously!) and just comfy clothes to wear all day. Especially when many of us are at home 24/7, fire truck pajamas are a must to keep your toddler warm and looking adorable! Here are a few more reasons why jammies should be your next gift to give.


Whether the next birthday you attend is in a couple weeks or months, jammies will never go out of style! Especially for birthdays, jammies are always a guarantee like, as there is no such thing as too many. Having one pair or seven, it may mean you can choose what special jammie you can wear each day! Fire truck pajamas can be one of them. In addition, Free Birdees’ bamboo pajamas have the largest age range, from 0-10Y. That includes fire truck pajamas 3t and fire truck pajamas 4t! This means that more people are able to enjoy the luxurious feel of bamboo pajamas, and no kid is left out!


If you think about it, Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far from now, which means it may be time to start planning on some festive jammies. Christmas fire truck pajamas are great as a gift or to wear, as they have the iconic red colors for the holidays, and the adorable dalmatian puppies serve as the white color. It’s always a good idea to shop early, and don’t have any shame in giving your gift a little early, that means they can enjoy it for longer!

Pajama day

How could we forget about pajama day? One of your toddler favorite days out of the whole school year, they should be able to have fun while showing off their favorite PJs. Fire truck pajamas will be a huge hit among all the students, and they will stay comfortable all day long. With bamboo’s natural properties of being thermo regulating and breathable, your toddler can run around all day while still staying cool and cozy.


As winter is rolling around the corner, jammies will be in high demand, especially for toddlers! This means finding the perfect pair of pajamas has never been more important, yet so easy. Just take a trip to Free Birdees Website and with their free and fast shipping, you will get your fire truck pajamas in no time. Since their PJs are made with viscose bamboo, your baby will experience all the amazing capabilities bamboo has, like its breathability and comfort, so don’t miss out on them!