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2021 Ultimate Guide Best Crib Sheets

Crib sheets will always be the aesthetic piece in the crib, but do you really know the ultimate guide for the best crib sheets? It takes a combination of comfortability, cuteness, and safety to achieve the best crib sheets for your newborn’s nursery. Despite the stigma of being a danger-free hazard, there are many things you should become aware of that new parents do not even realize. For the best crib setup, a fitted sheet, a firm mattress, and a sturdy crib are the three things that are essential for your baby’s development and safety! With all the glitz and glamour in the baby world, it can be difficult knowing what is the best of the best, which is why we are here to help you find the best soft sheets!

Softest and Breathable Crib Sheet

What is a crib sheet? It is the fabric that sits on top of the mattress, and fitted ones have the elasticity to stretch it to the bottom of the mattress. The question you may want to ask is how to make a fitted crib sheet amazing for your baby so they stay safe and cozy all day and night long! 

Comfiest Crib Sheets

Looking for cute sheets that are super soft sheets as well, Free Birdees creates the best bamboo sheets! Free Birdees crib sheets are fitted, meaning they have elasticity, and come in a wide variety of prints. A few of their best selling prints are the Ocean Blue Sharks, Blue Lagoon Rhinos, and Powder Pink Koalas. Visit their website above to find your favorite baby girl crib sheets or baby boy crib sheets!

Crib Sheet and Matching Blanket

When looking for crib sheets, you should also lookout for a matching blanket to pair it with. A blanket can improve their sleep and be used as a special friend to keep them company, like your favorite stuffed animal from your childhood. But as a heads up, children under 12 months old should not be given a blanket in their crib because it may pose a safety hazard towards your curious and energetic toddler. Once your baby is 1 year old, a light blanket, like a swaddle blanket from Free Birdees, is perfect and will not pose a threat. To sum up, children under one year old should have nothing in their crib except themselves and bedding! 

Types of Crib Sheet Fabrics

The fabric you choose can make a tremendous impact on the comfort your baby will experience when sleeping, so you want to make sure you purchase breathable sheets and organic crib sheets to ensure a quality night sleep. The best soft sheets also don’t have to be expensive, for there are many cheap crib sheet options that are still made with high-quality fabrics and love!

Bamboo Crib Sheets

Crib sheets can influence your baby’s quality of sleep tremendously, so you do not want to choose the wrong ones. Bamboo is special for its properties and qualities because it’s extremely breathable and soft. They are the modern crib sheets, and an innovative children’s boutique called Free Birdees is taking full advantage of this. By using bamboo viscose in all their products, they are able to achieve super soft sheets that will keep your baby cool when warm and vice versa. They also have some of the best kids sheets because of their trendy and fun patterned sheets that have adorable prints perfect for girl crib sheets and boy crib sheets! Looking for navy crib sheets, their Midnight Blue Astro Sloth crib sheets are a must-have! Looking for white crib sheets, the Ocean Blue Sharks are perfect!

Cotton Crib Sheets

Similar to bamboo, cotton is another great cheap and beneficial fabric that holds many useful properties. Cotton crib sheets will allow your baby to have better airflow when sleeping, which can result in not overheating when sleeping and not getting too cold. This will also help with removing and absorbing your baby’s body moisture, which will help with a better night’s sleep and keeping consistent body temperature. Cotton is such a universal and affordable material, so you can never go wrong with it!  

Linen Crib Sheets

For the people feeling generous and a little spendy, linen is the perfect option. Although it is a bit expensive, it is well worth the price tag. It is far more durable than cotton and is widely known as the world’s most durable natural fiber. We also know toddlers can be the messiest humans on Earth, so linen will make your life so much easier because it is super easy to maintain and wash. The versatility of linen also makes it worth the price because it can be worn in any season and has a low-key, but stylish look, which makes it an awesome option for a casual outing. 

Cheap Crib Sheets

For those looking for cheaper or less expensive crib sheets, cotton crib sheets might be the way to go as it’s the most common and can be purchased at the local department store or big box retailer.  It can compete with linen and some may even argue it is better because of the low price point. Of course bamboo and linen have the benefits that make them better than cotton, but we know some may not want to pay a premium for something a little better, so cotton is a perfect cheap crib sheet alternative. 

Safety FAQS for Baby Crib 

The crib is the safest part in the nursery, right? You may never imagine that some baby crib sheets and blankets could turn into a tragic accident, which is why the crib can actually be a hazard if not done properly. With a firm mattress, fitted bedding, sturdy crib, and other factors, your baby will not only sleep beautifully, but safely. 

What is fitted vs. non-fitted crib sheets?

Fitted crib sheets are the ones that have the elasticity to wrap around the mattress. Non-fitted sheets are a thin blanket that you sleep on. Nowadays, most crib sheets you find will be fitted, but just in case you come across non-fitted crib sheets, stay clear from them! You may not know now, but non-fitted crib sheets can pose a huge safety threat and are something you do not want in your newborn’s crib. However, as long as it is fitted, mini crib sheets or any other size are fine as long as they fit with the size of your baby’s crib!

Fitted crib sheets

If you do not already know, fitted crib sheets are the better option between the two, for good reason. Number one, it is improbable that you will stumble upon a non-fitted crib sheet, for babies at least, as many brands know it is not wise to create something a parent will not buy due to safety concerns. Number two, with safety concerns, fitted crib sheets ensure your baby will not get entangled in their sheets, which can cause them to suffocate or choke. Not to mention, fitted crib sheets give off a much cleaner look, and there are many affordable and adorable companies out there, such as Free Birdees, that craft the best sheets online for babies! 

Non-fitted crib sheets 

As we stated above, non-fitted crib sheets are incredibly hard to come by these days, but just in case you do find one, stay clear from them! They do not have the elasticity of a fitted crib sheet, which is why it is not uncommon for it to become loose and tangle your newborn. There are no advantages of having a nonfitted crib sheet, and only brings more problems to your baby, which is why they should never be found in any nursery!

Firm Mattress

Despite many parents thinking that a soft, squishy mattress is the best for their baby, as they are delicate and need something soft to lay on, that is not correct! If your baby’s mattress is too soft, they may roll over and not be able to get back up, causing suffocation or breathing in their own air. A soft mattress can also hinder their development, as they are growing rapidly. A quick anatomy lesson if you didn’t know; babies start off with around 300 bones (adults have 206) which means that many of their bones join/mend together early in their life. Their bones are also not fully developed and very soft, which means babies need something to lay on. Without a firm mattress, their development may be slowed down or even damaged, which is something no parents want! A soft mattress can also cause babies to get stuck in between the crib and mattress, as the ends are too soft and babies can easily slip into the crack. With that, parents do not need to go overboard with a mattress that is solid rock hard, but instead, follow the FIRMS acronym to find the perfect firmness for your baby’s mattress!

Firm and flat. When looking for a mattress, make sure it is a flat mattress with no bumps, and firm to the touch. 

Indentation resistant: To test if your baby’s mattress is the right firmness, you want to make sure it is indented resistant. Press the middle of the mattress, and then the edges, and make sure the mattress does not conform around your hand, but instead, bounce back when you press on it. Make sure the edges are firm enough and “bounce back” as well. 

Recall list: Before you buy a baby mattress, check if it is not on the recall list. 

Mattress and edges: Always check the edges and corners for large gaps that may be created due to a non-firm enough mattress. 

Soft isn’t safe: Again, please remember that babies are not like adults, and just because it feels comfortable to you does not mean it is good for your newborn. The firmer, the better!


Whether you are buying some bamboo crib sheets from Free Birdees or the best cotton sheets on Amazon, you want to purchase premium ones that will last and get the job done. Buying the cheapest products online isn’t always the best idea because your baby’s sleep should be your number one priority. Sleeping is the time when they are able to grow and develop, so making sure you take full advantage of this time is key!

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