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2020 Children Underwear guide for parents

Still deciding on what age to potty train your child or which children’s underwear is the best for your baby? No need to stress because we have compiled all the answers for you and more! There are so many different types of bamboo underwear personalized for your child’s age and maturity level, and we’ll cover all the best options for your baby to ensure they are ready for this big step. Dumping the diapers and moving to children’s underwear will be a challenge, but nothing you cannot handle!

What is the Best Age to Start Wearing Underwear

As you are about to take on this milestone in your toddler’s life, many parents wonder when the perfect time it is to switch, or if their toddler is too young or not ready for this journey. With anything, it is a process that takes time and patience for everyone, and just like switching to something you have never done before, it is always challenging and will not come easy. We are here to assure you that your child is not behind, and patience will be key in this process. 

Should 1-year-olds wear underwear?

At this age, newborn/infants most likely are not prepared to wear children’s underwear, for they are not potty trained. Most are potty trained at 2-3 years old. However, they may be able to start wearing pull-ups, disposable underwear that is supposed to feel more like a diaper. With pull-ups, it is a step toward being potty trained, and may make them feel like a big girl or boy! All in all, children’s underwear should be saved for the future, and keeping them in diapers may be the best option for your infant or toddler. 

Should 2-year-olds wear underwear? 

The answer is yes and no! It all depends on your toddler and how they feel about going to the bathroom or if they feel happy with a wet diaper on. With this process, it is highly individualized, and parents should know that it takes time and patience for your toddler to cooperate. If your toddler is not ready at this age for children’s underwear, keep in mind there are many other options such as pull-ups and training pants that will help them reach their goal of being potty trained! You can buy boxers boxer sets and girls underwear sets online at FreeBirdees.com 

What is the ideal age for children to wear underwear?

Usually, parents will start to transition from diapers to children’s underwear at the age of 2-3 years old, or when their toddler stops using diapers. You may find that transitioning your toddler to children’s underwear as soon as possible may prove beneficial. With underwear, it could protect your toddler’s developing immune system from bacteria and viruses. It can also prevent your toddler from touching their genitals (which introduces bacteria) and reduce friction from their clothing, which will shield their delicate skin. Don’t feel too rushed to transition quickly, for you may be fighting a battle you cannot win, but don’t waste time to switch when your toddler is ready! Free Birdees provide underwear in various sizes from toddler underwear from 2 years old to 8 years old. 

What Age Should you Start to Potty Train? 

Before you get ahead of yourself and purchase any children’s underwear, you must put your newborn or toddler through potty training first. Many ask what is the best age to potty train? The best and most ideal age to start potty training is between 2 and 3. This is the age when your baby has most likely taken some big steps and starting to get the hang of life. It also allows your little boy toddler or little girl toddler  to get out of those hated, stinky diapers early so you will not have to deal with them ever again. In addition, some telling signs that your toddler is ready to dump the diapers and move up to the big boy or girl underwear is when your toddler pulls on their diaper, wakes up with a dry diaper, or indicates to you that they need to go to the bathroom or they just went.

What are the different types of children's underwear?

In today’s market, there are many types of underwear to choose from that you may not know which one is the best. To make sure you purchase the best children’s underwear for your baby, I will go over the different materials, types, and styles that make the perfect underwear.  

Baby and Toddler Pull-Ups

An amazing option if your toddler is struggling to transition to children’s underwear, this will only bring them one step closer to their diaper-free life! Since it is replicating an underwear feel but with the padding of a diaper, this is great so accidents will be mess-free while your newborn is still receiving exposure to what a children’s underwear may feel like. With all the cute and colorful designs offered with pull-ups, they can be the new fashionistas in your house, running around calling themselves a big boy or girl! As many say it, any improvement already makes you a champ, so make your toddler feel special about this step up and be patient with the process! 

Training Underwear 

 If you are in the transitioning process and don’t know if you should stick with diapers or go to underwears, try training underwears. Training underwears offer a similar, clothlike feel to emulate a normal underwear, but are made with a more absorbent material to ensure if your baby does have an accident, they will be protected. A training underwear is a sound choice for the hard transition because it can also ease the emotional stress your baby may be experiencing during this new time.   

Toddler Boys Underwear

Ever wonder where to buy baby boy underwear online? Whether it’s a toddler boy underwear or a big boy underwear, Free Birdees offers the softest underwear in the world and is sure to satisfy anyone who has a chance to experience this buttery soft material made from bamboo viscose. Ranging from 2-8 years old, their little boy underpants (boxers) are made with the finest materials found on Earth, and Free Birdees’ prints are too cute and adorable you need to see them for yourself. Free Birdees’ underwear size chart is age-based, for girls and boys, so you will not need to worry about any dimensions and the inconvenience of looking at those complicated charts! 

Toddler Girls Underwear

With their fiery and bright personality, they should have matching underwear that shows off their spirit and personality! Bright colors are always a sign of happiness and joy, and that should be reflected in what your children wear. Free Birdees makes the best bamboo clothing and baby sleepwear, and their children’s underwear will make your toddler want to wear one everyday! Free Birdees’ have some of the most colorful and unique prints, ranging from Azure Florals, Cherry Blossom Cranes, and even Unicorns and Rainbows! 

Cotton Underwear

Cotton is one of the best materials for children’s underwear because of its versatility. It is naturally soft because of its fluffy fibers and keeps you dry and comfortable. In addition, it is very expandable and durable, so you won’t have to worry about the sizes as much and replacing it soon. Cotton underwear is perfect for the summer and times of high humidity because of its ability to absorb moisture and build ups of heat, which can save your toddler from much pain and discomfort. It also makes for a breathable underwear, which adds to the fact of cotton being great to wear during times of heat.  

Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo underwear is similar to cotton with some extra benefits. It is a more breathable underwear because of its fibers, which are naturally breathable and absorbs moisture away from skin. Bamboo also makes for the softest underwear because its fibers are already smooth. This material is recommended to those especially with sensitive skin because the bamboo viscose fabric is hypoallergenic and thermo-regulating (making sure you stay warm in the winter and cool in summer). If you are wondering where to buy baby boy or baby girl underwear online, Free Birdees uses the highest quality bamboo viscose to craft their bamboo boxers. 

Their best sellers include:

  • The Ocean Blue Sharks Boys Boxer set of 3, which comes with 3 different prints: a solid light blue, a striped light and dark blue, and a blue sharks print. 
  • The Atlantic Blue Airplane Boys Boxer set of 3
  • The Cloud Dinosaur Boys Boxers set of 3
  • Heavenly Pink Rainbows and Unicorns girls underwear set 3
  • Power Pink Koald girls underwear set of 3

They are the best underwear for kids, offering a fun and comfortable experience for your kids. 

Why Should your Child Start to Wear Underwear

As many parents may want to avoid this transition, for they are not excited to clean up the accidents that are inevitable, underwear can be extremely beneficial towards your child, and they can start to learn basic life skills at an early age. Although this process may sound daunting, timing is key to an easy switch, and you want to make sure they are ready and not rush into this. Below are the reasons why switching to children’s underwear is helpful, and a few tips on how to prevent those catastrophic accidents! 

Benefits of children’s underwear 

Possibly to your surprise, children's underwear has many benefits to your toddler, so it may be a great idea starting them earlier, but later is always fine as well. The first reason why children’s underwear ranks superior than diapers is because it protects bacteria and viruses from entering your toddler’s weak immune system. Secondly, it can help them not touch their genitals as frequently and reduce friction from clothing to their delicate skin. Thirdly, a baby’s belly is the most sensitive part towards temperature, so you want to make sure their stomach area is as warm and toasty as possible. If not, it can lead to diarrhea or a cold, something us parents do not wish upon any toddler. Wearing children’s underwear can be a great solution to this problem. Lastly, this will encourage your toddler to go to the bathroom more often and become more independent and self-supporting. Just don’t get too offended when they start telling you they are wearing what mommy and daddy wear!

How to prevent accidents from occurring

Accidents are bound to happen, but it's up to you parents to prevent it from happening again. The most important thing to do is to act casual when an accident occurs. Reacting with negativity will only bring back negativity from your child, so make sure to act calm and tell them this is part of life. If you are calm, but your child is unhappy about cleaning it up or using the toilet, make sure to discipline them with a timeout, for example, to make sure they know this is not the right way of doing things.  


Finally, The most important thing is to not stress about this! Accidents will happen and lots of patience will be needed, but your child is learning and growing everyday so embrace that. Remember to start potty training early because you want to give your child enough time to learn and understand something foreign to them. Training underwear is also the perfect underwear for the transition from diaper to underwear, making it easier on you and your baby. There are so many options available to you, so we hope you found the one just right for you!