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10 Fun Games and Activities to Play with Toddlers

Introducing games to play with your toddler is a great way for them to learn skills that will help with development and growth as they are trying to adapt to the new environments. Toddler games are the perfect way to pass the time with your baby and keep them interested and engaged! Each type of game has a different benefit, so it is not a bad idea to have multiple games in your arsenal to play with your toddler, so you can keep it diversified and interesting. We have compiled a list of 10 types of games for your toddler to enjoy, so hopefully, there will be a few that will work for them!

Games to Play with Toddlers

With all the new technologies and advancements we have made in this society, it can be challenging to find fun toddler games to keep them engaged and entertained. There can be so many distractions, like your phone ringing or the T.V blaring, so finding some fun games does not have to be hard. Simple is always better, and relive those childhood memories and play the classic Hide and Seek and Simon Says! 

Educational Games for Toddlers

There are many online learning games for toddler that are not only educational, but fun and creative as well. ABCya and PBS are a few websites offering a wide variety of educational games, from reading to social studies games! Not every game is a bad influence on your children, as some are very beneficial and worthwhile. Therefore, don’t forget that fun games for toddlers do exist, and not everything has to be boring and education priority. 

Popular Toddler Games

Many toddlers love board games because of the pieces and components associated with the game. Some may even treat it like a new toy, which is totally okay and good because the popular board games have many hidden benefits. Board Games like bop-it and operation work on their communication skills and ethical values, like sharing. Candyland is also a favorite in many households, including mine, and many toddlers will be able to play because it has simple concepts and rules. This makes it a perfect interactive game for toddlers! 

Easy Games for Toddlers to Play

There are many simple and easy to play games you can find online or buy that will be suitable for a toddler. ABCMouse is an awesome online education website that is perfect for children 2-8 years old, but they do charge ten dollars a month. Although it is not free, ten dollars is a meager sum for a headstart in education for your toddler, and they also offer a one month free trial so you can see if this is a good fit for your child. In addition, if you are looking for an easy board game for toddlers, Chutes and Ladders and Hi-Hi Cherry-O are games that don’t require much proficiency and will teach cooperation and hand-eye coordination skills.

Intellectual Games for Toddlers

Stimulating your toddler’s mind daily keeps them more focused, and able to learn things quicker. This does not mean you have to give them math problems or worksheets, as that is not fun and not much more beneficial. Especially for younger ones, incorporating a game with their learning is always a recipe for success. Card games are one option that is amazing at challenging your little one’s mind, and there are so many card games you can teach them! Puzzles are also great! They get your toddler’s creative juices flowing, while working thos problem solving muscles which should be developed at an early age! Grab a puzzle with their favorite character or show, and let them go puzzling! 

Toddler Friendly Games

Sometimes, things can be taken overboard, and games that were considered fun turn dangerous and into a hazard. Tag, a classic favorite, can be fun before a slip or accident occurs. Especially with the younger ones, they could tackle each other and slip on the floor. With that, there are many toddler games that are safe and enjoyable for toddlers, such as Simon Says, Hide and Seek, Parachute, and Hot and Cold. Simon Says is when you copy “simon” or whoever is leading the commands. It definitely takes some skill once the game keeps progressing! Hide and seek is when a seeker tries to find the hider. Parachute is a rainbow parachute that kids lift up and run to the middle before the parachute falls on them! Lastly, hot and cold is when you are trying to find an object, and the person says either hot (close to object) or cold (far from object). 

Games with Rules for Toddlers

Every game has set rules for them, but there are some that are more demanding to follow than others. For example, hide and seek does not have “rules,” you just need to hide and find people. However, games such as Hot potato and Freeze have stricter rules you need to follow. In hot potato, kids need to make sure they are passing the object as quickly as possible, and holding on to it when the music stops. Always check to see if there are the lurking cheaters who pass the object even when the music stops! Freeze is great as you cannot move during the “freeze” and this enforces a rule on children that they have to follow. 

Fun Games for Toddlers

We know it can be hard to keep finding easy to play games for toddlers, especially in this quarantine, so having some dance or singing sessions can do the trick! Dances like the hokey-pokey is a great way to burn some calories and make priceless memories. To top it off, you can also go karaoke style and bring out the inner Taylor Swift in you and blast some Shake It Off to really get into the zone! A parachute or obstacle course can be more time consuming to put together, but it can bring much more thrill and excitement. 

Toddler Games for Exercise

We all know the importance of getting your daily 30 min exercise in for you and your toddler, so turning it to a game is the perfect option! With a baby at home, it can be challenging to find the time for exercise and physical activities when you already have your hands all full, so games like races are an easy way to have fun and get a quick workout in. You can never deny a good ol’ race or letting your child try to tag you while running around the house. The roles can also be flipped, where you are a monster, for example, trying to chase your wild child as they try to escape your iron grip! Another classic is hopscotch, where you use chalk to draw squares on your driveway or neighborhood street and a rock to hop your way to victory. Running and jumping around sounds like simple games to play with toddlers, but they are some of the most effective ways to burn off extra energy and calories. Furthermore, while doing all this hard work, you want to make sure your baby is comfortable and wearing breathable toddler clothes so they do not get overworked! To keep them cool, grabbing some of Free Birdees’ softest toddler clothes is a perfect choice. They craft all their toddler wear with bamboo viscose, which ensures breathability and thermo-control (keep cool when warm and vice-versa), so your baby’s energy will never be hindered by their clothes. 

Interactive Educational Games for Toddlers

We all know that many kids learn better when they are interacting with what they are doing, and that goes for games as well. Educational games that make kids interact with each other or do something hands on is always a plus for learning. A great way to do this is by drawing and doodling! Sketching has been found to improve brain stimulation and get a toddler’s brain thinking more! When they are drawing, they get to express their imagination on paper, and that is always beneficial. A fun way to make doodling a “game” is to grab a cardboard box, and place your kids inside and let them doodle wherever they want to. Not only is this extremely easy for the parents, the kids will have a blast pretending to be pilots soaring through the sky! Not to mention, it doesn't make a huge mess, and once they're done, you can recycle the box or keep it as a memory to cherish! 

Games to Play with 2 Years Olds

Two year olds are known to be more feisty with each other, and have less sense of common knowledge when it comes to their surroundings. It's not a coincidence they are considered to be the “terrible twos,” which is why there are some games you should stay far from! Any game involving some sort of tagging each other, or intense competition should be stayed clear from. Instead, opt for something that is less intense, but still fun and active! Hopscotch, treasure hunt, or bubbles are a few great games for two year olds! Not only are they all easy games for toddlers, but they also involve physical activity which is great to burn off some of that extra energy. Keep in mind that you can do any game that works for your family, just make sure everyone is having fun and staying engaged!


It is always great to go outside and breathe some fresh air, especially when your toddler is constantly roaming around the house! Hopefully, you have gotten some ideas that can be done right out on the porch, or with some nearby friends. We also have many easy toddler games at home, as we know many love to be in the comfort of your own home and especially during times you cannot go out as often. Toddlers can have so much energy, and sometimes, it can be hard to control, but these games should give you an idea to keep them busy and learn life skills that are necessary for a successful and healthy future.