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Tips to Help Kids Avoid the Flu and Coronavirus

In these unprecedented times of crisis, we know many parents worry the most for their children’s well beings and safety. Viruses like seasonal flu can have a detrimental impact on your baby’s health, so you must always be vigilant and aware. With Covid-19, people with underlying issues are generally the most at risk, but babies under one also fit this category. Their immune systems and airways have not matured yet, so they will most likely be affected worse than others. Nonetheless, no parent wants to see their child contract highly contagious and deadly viruses, so here is a quick guide to keeping your babies safe from these scary times.

How to prevent contracting Covid-19

Until a vaccine is introduced, none of us are truly safe from this horrific and flourishing disease. However, there are many precautions you can and should take to decrease the possibility of contracting the coronavirus. Especially, for children, they may not be able to understand the full severity of this pandemic, and usually are the messiest people, which means personal hygiene is of the utmost importance for them. What’s truly novel about this virus is its ability to affect anyone, even if you are in the healthiest shape you’ve ever been. Although underlying conditions increase one’s symptoms, being positive for covid means being able to transfer the disease among your community. Here are some tips for children and anyone else who wants to stay safe at home and outside:

Wear a mask!

In many states, it has become a mandatory order, but if it is not, masks are scientifically proven to decrease the spread of Covid-19. If your child does not like the feel of a mask, try on a cloth mask rather than surgical, and make sure it fits properly. Still not a fan of them? In that case, stores and supermarkets may not be a great idea to bring your kid to, but rather walk around your neighborhood, go on a hike, or even a trip to the park!

Wash your hands!

Kids love to touch anything and everywhere, which means regular hand washing is vital. Especially when kids touch their faces often, that means more bacteria are getting into their mouth and eye area, which only increases their chance of getting covid. Make handwashing a regular chore after they finish eating, coming back from playtime outside, a visit to the park, and many more. Oh! And more things. Wash every part of your hand! That means scrubbing in between fingers, the palm area, under nails, thumbs, and any other nooks and crannies.

Social distancing

Especially if your child is attending in-person school, social distancing is of the topmost priority. We can totally understand the difficulty within children, as it is hard to resist talking to a friend from afar. Nonetheless, it is strongly urged to remain at least 6 feet apart. In public, make sure you are keeping an eye on your child, or holding their hand so they don’t runoff. At school, it may be harder, and the best advice we can give you is to have a talk with your child on the severity of COVID and tell them to try their best to stay safe. With masks and social distancing, you can have some peace of mind that your child is the safest they can be.

How to avoid the flu

With Covid-19 not eradicated, it is predicted this flu season will be the worst people have seen. As symptoms are near similar, flu patients and COVID patients may be indistinguishable without a test. Here are some tips to avoid it!

Get a flu shot!

Every flu season is different, meaning your flu shot last year will not work this year. That is why it is imperative you get your shot soon, preferably October or November. It is never a guarantee the shot will work, as scientists are using their best predictions to get the best results. Either way, you will receive some protection rather than none, and with COVID out there, this year is the most vital. Many drive-through options are available to receive your flu shot, or even a visit to your local pharmacy will be convenient and cheap!

Follow any other normal precautions

Similar to above, consistent hand washing, not touching your face often, limiting contact with others, and being smart will get you through this fall season. Let’s hope we don’t see the same results as last spring!

How to Have Fun while at Home

We know many families feel the struggle of being stuck at home all day with your kiddoes full of energy. This is why it is so important to occasionally forget the outside crises and focus on you and your children’s mental health. We can get so caught up worrying about what will happen in the future, and forget what will happen now. Let's rewind and talk about some fun activities you can do in the midst of these troubling times.

Comfy Clothes

One of the great perks that come with being stuck at home is being able to choose what you want to wear. At home, there is no need for fancy and uncomfortable clothes, so this means wearing jammies all day is perfectly okay! I think we could all use something to take our minds off of the hectic and troublesome problems outside, so what's better than have a pajama jamboree with your whole family! At Free Birdees, they offer the softest and most breathable PJs available for everyone in the family. And with their best seller prints like the Atlantic Blue Aviator or Heavenly Pink Unicorns and Rainbows, your babies will beg you to buy one for them. There are also a dozen more unique and cute prints to choose from, so you will have no problem finding something your whole family will love and adore!

Fun Activities

While we are all quarantining and staying home, this is a perfect time to round up your family and spend some quality time with them! With your normal lives, it can be difficult to coordinate fun activities because of all of the different schedules, so don’t waste this opportunity.

PJ Party

A pajama party can be a great way to end off the day. Just bring out your favorite pair of PJs and jam out to your favorite music! You can also read bedtime stories for a more relaxing setting because we know hyper kids and bedtime do not mix well. In addition, the whole point of a pajama party is to have pajamas, so getting them from Free Birdees is a must. They have matching pajamas for the whole family and also release the cutest Christmas PJs every year, so they are worth every penny. In addition, they craft all their jammies with bamboo viscose, which ensures your baby will be comfortable and cozy all day and night long!

Outside Gardening and Planting

Another idea is to go outside and plant some beautiful plants. You can do it anywhere near your house, like the backyard or front yard, and get the whole family to contribute. With online learning and work, you and your kids are constantly staring at screens, so that can take an enormous toll on your eyes and mental health. This is why it is so important to take some time out of your day to go outside and do something good for your health and environment! Just visit your local gardening store and you can pick seeds and plants, which are super easy to put into the ground and maintain.


Food is a comfort to all, so baking is another exciting activity you can do with your kids. No matter if you are a baker or not, there is a perfect recipe for all of us. Everyone can get their hands dirty in baking, and you can use your creativity to create something magical. Let your kid’s imagination flourish and bake something fun and delicious. There is no such thing as being a bad baker because baking is all about being you and making something you love, so have fun with it and don’t eat too many sweets!

Restful activities

If you are looking for relaxing activities, you can go back to the classics and try reading a book, watching a movie, or playing your favorite board game! We know some families love to keep it simple and easy, for daily life can be exhausting on our minds and bodies. These activities are the best for families who want to have some special family bonding, but also want to keep it undemanding and effortless.


This year can be the most stressful year for parents because of everything we have had to endure. From caring for your child to focusing on your work at home, life can seem extremely messy and worrisome. We know every parent’s number one priority is the safety of their child, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the joys in life with your family. Humans are made to adapt, and many simple changes can be made to activities to ensure the safety of you and your children. So go outside and plan that family activity together because we know you could use some more fun in your lives!