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How to Choose the Best Crib for my Baby

Whether you already have a newborn or are expecting a child soon, one of the important things to consider is that you need a comfortable, sturdy, and well-built crib for your baby. Knowing how to choose a crib is important, but there are pros and cons to consider before you finalize one of the baby cribs for your baby. There are so many other questions like “how long do babies sleep in cribs?”, or you may be wondering when to move baby to crib. Furthermore, new parents may wonder how soon babies should be in their nursery, or they may ask, "When can baby sleep in crib alone?" Sometimes, you can see your baby standing in crib and can be confused about whether or not you need a new crib or bed. All these questions can be overwhelming for some. Whether you want to buy a newborn crib or a slightly bigger one – it can be difficult to choose. Baby cribs are one of the many essentials that you need to invest in when you have a tiny human in your life. Learning how to choose a baby crib can often be a difficult question in the mind of the parents. If you are wondering what you should know about baby cribs and how to select a crib. You might also wonder what to look for in a crib. Just read on to find out about some crib recommendations and more!

What are the basics of baby cribs?

Are you wondering how to choose a crib for your baby? Or, what to look for in a crib? Even though there are no set rules about the kind of crib that you want for your baby, there are still some basics that can help you set a standard about what you do want in the baby cribs, this might include the best baby cribs, types of cribs, baby crib safety and much more. Baby crib safety: While looking for baby cribs, your first instinct would always be to buy something safe for your child. Not only does the crib need to be comfortable, but it should be safe to ensure that the baby is protected. If you see your baby standing in crib, make sure to either lower the mattress or consider migrating to a toddler bed (if the child is big enough). Choosing a firm mattress for your baby’s crib is also an important matter. This mattress should be sturdy and should be the right size so that there are no gaps for any possible mishaps. If selecting a used crib, make sure they are no loose sides, broken crib parts, and more. Buy the right Children's Crib Sheets to make the set complete. Further next, baby cribs need to be airy and not suffocating so that it does not become difficult for your child to breathe. Types of cribs: There are so many different types of cribs in the market to choose from. You could either pick the standard baby cribs or convertible cribs for your child. Mini cribs or portable cribs are also incredibly helpful for families that travel often. Other types of cribs include sleigh cribs, round cribs, and antique cribs. Materials used: Another basic thing that you need to check before you buy a crib is the materials that have been used to make the crib. This would include the kind of wood that has been used, the kind of wheels that have been used, the kind of mattress that comes with it, and other such things. It is important that you only choose from the best baby cribs for your child to give them a comfortable experience and for you to be less worrisome about your child’s safety.

How long can I use the crib?

Reports do suggest that most kids can use the crib for a long time and usually, making the transition between 18 months to 3.5 years of age. However, that is not a fixed standard, and it will all depend on your child. While most parents are quite concerned about when to finally shift their babies from a crib to a bed, it will depend on what your child needs as they grow up. If you see your baby standing in crib, it could be time. However, just for safety purposes, it is usually advisable that you do wait for about three years before you shift your child to a bed so that your child can reach that level of maturity and can then comfortably sleep in the bed for the nights to come. You can decide when to make the move when you can see your baby standing in crib and it starts looking like they are going to climb out of the crib. However, you should first start by adjusting the mattress of the crib to the lowest level. If your child can still climb out of the crib, then it is probably time to make the move from the crib to the bed.

The Best Time to Buy a Crib

After you are done figuring out how to choose a crib, there might be other questions in your mind. Soon-to-be parents can become overwhelmed with everything that they need to do to prepare, leaving them unsure of the best timing to make the purchase. First-time and seasoned parents alike can have this experience, leaving them to wonder, "What is the correct time for you to start looking at baby cribs and buy one?" You need to know how to buy a safe crib before you can choose the right one. Most parents want to be clear-minded with enough energy to choose wisely, which is why many choose to do their crib shopping during the second trimester. The second trimester is often called the "honeymoon phase" because it lacks the soreness and size of the third trimester while also alleviating the nausea of the first. Another reason could be that the baby cribs can very quickly go out of fashion or season. You may have your eye on this particular crib, but it might be off the market by next month. Yet another reason could be that many manufacturers would want to design the crib to the preferences of the parents. It might take a lot of time for the crib to arrive, which is why you should begin the search early - the crib will need to arrive before the baby after all.

What Are the Safety Guidelines for Cribs?

All a parent wants are that their child is comfortable and safe, so it is important to learn how to buy a safe crib early. Choosing a crib that is safe for your child could mean some extra work, but there are a few things that you need to be mindful of when looking at matters relating to the child’s safety. Some of them include: Right size: You need to make sure that your crib is not too small or too large for your child. That would just make your child uncomfortable and would ultimately jeopardize the safety factor as there could be chances for several mishaps. When your baby outgrows the crib age, however, you may expect to see your baby standing in crib. Smooth corner posts: Anything that goes on your baby’s crib should be smooth and not too hard for your baby. The baby could end up hurting himself or herself if anything rough is around them. No loose parts: The material used in your baby’s crib should be tight. Loose parts would defeat the purpose of safety, eventually, putting the crib at risk of collapsing. Non-toxic paint: The paint that is used on the crib should be non-toxic, lest it causes allergies to your child or harms them in any other way. Mattress size: The mattresses much match the size of the baby cribs that they are paired with, though most of them are universal. Baby cribs need to have a snug fit with no gaps, leaving no gaps. Without gaps, the fit protects the baby from pinched or getting stuck. With this, buy some kid's Crib Sheets that match the décor of the nursery and the size of the mattress. Smooth cutouts for headboards: This can be especially important when your baby starts to get up and stand with the help of crib support. To avoid any injuries, have the edges cut smoothly.

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What Types of Cribs Are Out There?

With all of this information, you may still wonder what styles of baby cribs are available. Knowing how to choose a crib that fits your needs and the way you want to care for your child can make a big difference. As stated before, there are different types of baby cribs from which you can choose the best for your child. Here are some crib recommendations to show you the options available now.


A standard crib is the most popular crib in the market and most parents tend to opt for this one for their child. These cribs measure around 28 inches by 52 inches and are known to be significantly larger than mini cribs. They are a perfect size for people who have a full nursery set aside for their child, giving them plenty of extra space.


A bassinet is like a cradle. It is a bed that has been designed specifically for babies from their birth to when they turn about four months old. They usually come attached or fixable with castors or legs. However, cradles are meant to give a swinging motion to the child.


Convertible cribs are another popular option in the market and many parents and soon-to-be parents opt for this crib for their babies. These are attractive to buyers because these beds are convertible. It can usually be converted into a toddler bed or a full-adult bed.

Travel cribs

This one is perfect for you if you expect to be moving around with your kid a lot. Travel cribs are lightweight and fold in to become super compact. They are sturdy enough to ensure your baby is safe and you can use them on an everyday basis as well.

Small cribs or mini cribs

Very much like the name suggests, these baby cribs are miniature in size. This means that they are much smaller than the standard baby cribs and sometimes come with wheels. They make it easier to transport your child from your room to the nursery when you want to. Mini baby cribs can also be folded into a compact size and can be stored under the bed.

How to choose the best crib

Understanding how to choose a crib helps you to sift through the many options available for the best baby cribs in the market. However, it can be overwhelming. Questions like what kind of baby cribs to buy or what to see when you are choosing a crib for your child can often crop up. Here is a quick guide to choosing the best crib for your child: Are you still asking how to choose a baby crib? First, you need to consider the age of the child that the crib is for. How big is your baby would help you in deciding what kind of a crib would you want to buy? Apart from that, make sure that you determine the purpose will the crib serve - for example - whether you only want it for your house or would you want to travel with it? Next up, keep all the safety guidelines in mind. These safety guidelines were created to with what makes a good crib in mind, which is why it is so important to pay attention. The size of the mattress should be perfectly lined up with the crib. The surface should have no rough edges that could splinter, and the size and height of the crib should be appropriate for your baby. Make sure to choose softest Children's Crib Sheet which offer a smooth surface for the baby.

How much are baby cribs?

While this could depend on what you can and want to spend on a crib, there is a wide range of options with different price ranges available in the market. While you are free to choose what you want for your kid, a usual range would be $50 to $1000. However, again, there is no standard ideal and you can always spend more or less at your convenience.


By now, it must be clear that there are so many options to choose from when you are deciding what baby cribs to buy. When it comes to the question of how to select a crib, it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice, but it is not impossible. However, when it comes to choosing a crib, there are some factors that you want to understand and keep in mind when you are about to start planning on buying baby cribs. It is also essential to monitor whether your baby is big or small enough for the crib. If you see your baby standing in crib, it might be time to move them to a real bed. Baby cribs need to be safe. This means that the most important considerations would be to look at the safety guidelines - most of which are mentioned in the above article. If you want a steady and sturdy baby crib only for home, go for a standard crib, if your work requires travel and the baby would be moving with you, there are travel baby cribs to make your life easier. There are different types of baby cribs available! You might need a newborn crib or a slightly bigger one depending on the age and growth of your child. It could be a little time-consuming to learn what makes a good crib, but this knowledge helps anyone to make the right decision for their needs. Have you narrowed it down to your perfect baby crib for your child? What is it like? Let us know!